Plan & Agree

International distribution agreement and how to do the negotiations


Suppose you have found a business partner and you want to start collaborating quickly. But how do you arrange it, and how do you share the costs and the returns? How do you deal with risks, and how to register a joint concept? How do you arrange ownership and control? What about IP licensing and compliance? Whether it is a distribution agreement or a more complicated partnership contact, we help you.

From intention to international contract

Creating Profit Through Alliances coverAlliance experts has a practical procedure to derive to a balanced basis for an agreement. Our approach is based on the research performed by Alfred Griffioen for his book 'Creating Profit Through Alliances'. That is exactly what we do: setting up successful and profitable partnerships.

For every type of collaboration, we have extensive questionnaires ready to assist you. These contain all the operational aspects that need to be considered. Such as: how do you deal with risks, and how to register a joint concept or invention? How do you arrange ownership and control? You can complete these questionnaires, singly or jointly with your partner. The questionnaires can act as deal structuring sheet and can be used as input for the formal agreement, to be drafted by a lawyer in the applicable law system and language.

We are on your side during the negotiations

Alliance experts has extensive experience with such negotiations. We know what figures and percentages need to be negotiated on, and will offer suggestions on how you can best motivate your prospective partner to make his best effort for you. We advise not go to extremes to maximise your short-term benefit, but to aim for optimisation in the long run.

The specialists of Alliance experts have a good understanding of culture and cultural differences. They can explain the body language of the other party. This will help you to better understand what results you can achieve or not.

We help to resolve problems and misunderstandings

Sometimes you need somebody to mediate with your foreign business partner if a problem of misunderstanding persists. For example when it doesn't get to a deal or when an invoice is not paid. This is where we come in as well. We can contact the company by phone in their local language, assess which are real obstructions or just excuses, and help you to get to a solution. Our efforts will pay of in more sales, less costs or quicker payments.

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