Choose your export country: what are the best countries to trade with?

Select your next export country
best export country for trade

If you want to start or increase your export, the first step is to select (new) countries to export to. Alliance experts can help you from the first orientation to local market research.

First orientation

What drives the sales of your products or services? For trainings on cybersecurity, you may have to look at the countries with the biggest IT industry. For hearing aids, the countries with the most ageing population. You can have a look at our article Market size and spending power per country, where we compare population size and spending power. Or you can download our Country selection guide, with a list of 64 countries that are recommended to do business in for mid-sized and smaller companies.

Download our Country selection guide!


Market Quick Scan

If you want to know your chances in a number of countries, without doing extensive market research, we can do a quick check for you. Our local partners will report on the feasibility of your product or service in their markets. You will receive a one-page document per country (see examples). The costs vary per country from € 300 to € 600, the delivery time is in general 2 weeks.


World Trade Analytics: a powerful tool for manufacturers

If you sell a tangible product, then there is a lot of data available on international trade streams. Alliance experts has the tools to analyse this data and present it to you in such a way that you can make decisions on which country to focus on first. For each product category (indicated by a HS-code) we can map trade volumes, trends and price levels. Your investment will be € 2,000.


Local Market Research

Once you have defined one to three potential target markets, it makes sense to do more detailed market research. How do you need to position your product or service, and with distribution channels to choose? These insights cannot be derived from statistics or the internet.

Our specialists will contact potential clients and distributors in their region in order to gain a sense of the market for your products. They will also assess the competition and check aspects like custom regulations.