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Close deals abroad
Our local teams support with market intelligence,
positioning advice and the right contacts
As an international business manager, you call and travel around the world to promote your product or service. But it's difficult to get the right attention from companies abroad. And how often you travel, you always remain an outsider. In order to close the right deals, you need proper intelligence. Alliance experts helps you understand the market, position your product in the right way and makes you meet the right decision makers.
Avoid closed doors, unfulfilled promises and unpaid invoices. Your travelling life should be easier, so that you can close new deals and create more business. With local people in over 30 countries in the world, we can ensure that you are always on par with your (potential) business partners. We update you on the local market and introduce you to the right people, so that you become the international authority on your industry.

Market entry

We help you define and execute your market entry roadmap. From initial country selection to positioning yourself in the market and finding and introducing you to the right distribution channels. All to support your sales.

Working with Alliance experts is:

  • personal

  • profitable

  • pleasant

We know how important it is
to have a trusted person in a new country

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