Business travel expenses: how to reduce costs?

Are your business expenses amounting to much more than you initially anticipated? Are the costs of travelling to meet new clients, attending trade shows, training seminars or networking at other events weighing you down and causing you stress? Business travel need not be too expensive or some cases necessary each time.

Business travel is a necessary component of setting up or expanding business. Though one cannot avoid these expenses, the trick is to minimise and make the most of each trip in order to get maximum benefits.

Here are some tips on how to avail a less expensive business travel:

Have a comprehensive audit

Reducing your business travel costs is difficult without identifying which part of your expense sheet needs to be paid attention to. Planning to decrease your expenses in your business travel requires you to first determine exactly where your money is going and where exactly are you splurging more than required. Hire someone to perform an audit for you.

Avail discounts

Some airlines offer various discounts and promos every now and then, so don’t hesitate to grab them before it’s too late! You have the option to either reach the airline through its official website or call them right away. Enquire about corporate discounts, some airlines offer discounts as high which can result in a great amount saved at the end of the day.

Consider having a corporate travel agency

Most travel agencies have affiliate companies which will help you expand your options to save money. This is useful if you or your employees travel often and these deals go beyond just air travel. They cover flights, hotel bookings, accommodation and transportation.

Meet online

Nowadays, business transactions are a lot easier owing to technology. Web-based conferencing services have become a trend which really made flying abroad to meet clients less necessary.

Keep your trip economical

Many companies spend so much money on unnecessary things every business trip. As much as possible, book the lowest hotel rates and never aim for a first class flight. Keep everything under the budget. Be a wise-spender. Remember, an extravagant trip doesn’t signify a successful one. Also keep pleasure and business accounts separate.

Decide with your employees

Involve your employees in the travel budget cutting exercise. Make them feel responsible for this area. Decide together what the best steps are to manage costs effectively and reward a economy class flight in stead of business class with a better hotel. They are more likely to adhere to ideas that they were a part of creating.

These are just some of the many ideas on how you can reduce your expenses for every business trip that you take. Considering an export plan before initiating business transactions is also effective. This will enable you to identify the types of market your business can thrive in, will help you materialize your objectives and of course will serve as a guide for your business travel plans.

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