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Quản lý các đại lý hoặc nhà phân phối ở nước ngoài sao cho họ bán được nhiều hàng nhất cho bạn không phải là một công việc dễ dàng. Bạn cần có khả năng phân biệt sự thật với lời bào chữa. Các chuyên gia của liên minh có thể giúp bạn có thông tin thị trường phù hợp, tư vấn về định vị của bạn và nếu cần, mang đến cho bạn các kênh bán hàng thay thế. Vui lòng hoàn thành biểu mẫu tiếng Anh năm câu hỏitrực tiếp nhận được đề xuất đầu tiên và chỉ dẫn chi phí.

    If you have any questions about this form or if you want to speak to one of our team, please contact:


    What country is your company/division based in?

    What best describes your target group?
    Our product or service is used by consumers (B2C)Our product or service is used by businesses (B2B)

    In what country do you want to optimize your sales?


    Do you export to other countries where you are more satisfied about your (channel partner) sales?

    Our proposal would consist of the following steps and payments:


    We compare your sales performance in with any competition based on the information that we can get out of the market. We may get this info through interviews with existing players in the market, without mentioning your name.When there is no market data publicly available, we check availability and shelf space in the most relevant retail outlets. We also evaluate your positioning and marketing communications in the country from a local perspective: what does appeal and what can be improved? If you show us sales numbers from other countries that you export to, we also make a comparison based on market size, time in the market and some other factors.

    A payment at commencement, starting from € 2.000, depending on the complexity

    What best describes the way you work in this country:

    We have a distributor who buys our products and resells themWe have an agent who finds customers for us, but we do the delivery directlyWe have a reseller who integrates our product or service in a complete offeringWe have somebody there who does our marketing but we sell onlineWe do everything online or from abroad


    We contact your local partner on your behalf, asking about the activities and process to sell your offering and the difficulties doing this. We evaluate where the problem is, e.g. in the quality or positioning of your product, or in the marketing and activity of your channel partner. We check external circumstances that are being used as an explanation and report to you on possible solutions.We contact your reseller on your behalf, getting clear whether the limited sales to him is a matter of his overall business volume or the specific usage of your offering. We check external circumstances that are being used as an explanation and evaluate on how your marketing communication can help his business. We report to you on possible solutions, which can also be finding additional resellers.We evaluate your marketing activities in the country, looking at effectiveness (tone of voice, fit with culture) and value for money. We discuss with you alternative sales strategies and look whether it makes sense to invest more in advertising, trade shows, sampling or customer events.

    A payment at delivery of our report, starting from € 2.000, depending on complexity

    Do you have an exclusive agency/distribution agreement with the partner that you are working with?Do you want to stick to your direct sales approach?
    YesNo, we are open to other channel partners

    Please check first with a lawyer under which conditions you can terminate the current agreement with your local partner, keeping in mind that local law may prevail on any agreed jurisdiction. If you don't have the option to change or add channel partners, then we can repeat or intensify step 2 for you.


    Together with you we check how we can support you in your local marketing activities, and be your eyes, ears and hands in the country.

    Payment based on actual activities


    In the market we will discretely search for alternative sales channels. If they are interested in a working with a company like yours, we will ask them to sign a short non-disclosure agreement.

    A first payment at commencement of the search


    We will strive to present you up to three companies this way, with who we set up calls or meetings, so that you can make a choice. Of course we will join you in the first meeting.

    Another payment after setting up the calls


    One last question: how do you estimate the sales potential for your company in ?
    less than 100.000 EUR/USDbetween 100.000 and 1 million EUR/USDbetween 1 and 5 million EUR/USDover 5 million EUR/USD

    If the sales potential in the country is limited, please check your margins first. With a yearly margin of less than 10.000 euro you should have a growth path or question whether you want to maintain putting effort in this market.

    A sales potential of over 100.000 per year mostly means at least 10.000 EUR/USD on margins for you. Enough to put some effort in the country and see how you can optimise the revenue stream.

    With over million on sales potential per year in the country it is certainly interesting to put more effort in evaluating and monitoring your channel partners and your own efforts. Even with a small increase in market share or margin any costs of Alliance experts will be offset.

    With over 5 million of sales potential per year, this is a country that deserves significant attention. When your time is limited, Alliance experts can evaluate the possibilities, help resolve problems with your sales and distribution structure and find alternative channels. This is an investment that definitely will pay off.

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