Maium is a Dutch innovative clothing brand, producing in China. Alliance experts did various checks for the at the production location so that Maium could be assured that they paid for the right products before they were shipped.

Fashionable and practical design

Maium is an innovative fashion brand with raincoats as their launching product. It is a Dutch brand, combining two characteristic aspects of the Netherlands, the rainy weather and the large number of bicycles. In the sides of the raincoat there is a zipper, which makes it possible to put the front part over the handlebars of the bicycle, protecting your legs from the rain. (See

Payment conditions related to China production

The company has successfully rolled out its brand in various European countries, based on production with high quality materials in Tianjin, China. Since an important part of the payment had to be done before the shipment of the product, Maium wanted to ensure that the right quantities had been produced by the supplier and that also the production quality was sufficient.

Local quantity checks and sampling

Alliance experts has done these checks on behalf of Maium and taken samples to ship per express to Amsterdam for final quality control. During 2020 and 2021 several shipment batches have been checked without any problems.

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