Yereth Jansen

As an entrepreneur in southwest China, Yereth Jansen has built a leading marketing company from the ground up, planning creative campaigns across the spectrum of digital media, event planning and video production. He has helped various companies with their China market entry, making use of his extensive network of both government and business relations.

Since 2017, Jansen works as an expert for the UNWTO on projects around China. He has contributed to provincial-level tourism marketing strategies and organized training sessions focused on capacity building. Jansen is also a frequent public speaker (in both the Chinese as well as the English language), has produced documentaries and promotional videos. and is an expert in web development.

During his 10+ years in China, Jansen learned to speak Chinese fluently and developed a deep understanding of the Chinese culture. He has developed a strong network across China of business owners, government representatives, and various professional associations.

Based in: Shanghai 🇨🇳

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