Top online marketplaces per country to sell your products on

With the growing number of people around the world who have access to internet, also the number of online buyers is rising steadily, and is now almost up to 2 billion people.

Amazon and Ebay lead the market, but do not dominate them

Many sellers focus on getting their product well positioned on or on has around 310 million active users worldwide and around 200 million users in the USA. has 175 million active users, of which around 113 million users in the USA. The user groups of both platforms overlap each other. So if you focus only these big two, you ignore at least three quarters of the market.

In China, Taobao has over 850 million users. In Japan, the number 2, Rakuten, has around 130 million users in the Asia Pacific region and 17% market share in Japan. In Germany, Otto has 10 million users, in France Pixmania around the same. There are many more specialised platforms, and all these  contribute to the worldwide B2C internet sales of about 2,5 trillion USD a year.

Find less competition and eager buyers on smaller platforms

As everybody starts with the bigger platforms, and price competition on these platforms and between these platforms is strong, you will probably get low sales prices there. Canadian blog sites advice people to buy on instead of on, as prices may be up to 50% lower.

You may think that people compare all platforms when they buy goods. But there is a clear preference for buying local, according to Shopify plus Global Ecommerce research. Out of the active buyers on the internet:

  • 75% want to buy products in their native language
  • 59% rarely or never buys from English-only sites
  • 67% prefer navigation and content in their language
  • 92% prefer to shop and make purchases on sites with prices in the local currency
  • 33% are likely to abandon a purchase if pricing is in US dollars only.

Please keep in mind that only 360 million people in the world are native English speakers, and that only 1,5 billion can understand English.

If you want to sell in a non-English speaking market, you will have to put effort in localisation:

  • having the right products, that are in demand locally
  • being on the right platforms, in the local language
  • doing enough promotion, on local (social) media
  • optimising your process for delivery and returns

Aliance experts can advise you, take care of translations, connect you with the right service providers and we can manage you business locally.

Add marketing efforts for increased sales

No sales without marketing, and also on online platforms your product needs to be promoted in order to sell better. We can help you with your online marketing by keeping your local facebook page up-to-date and active, by managing your online advertising campaigns or by helping you select the right offline channels and activities.

We can do this as your local country manager, but on a part-time basis, which can just be a couple of hours per week. We closely align with your own marketing department and let them do the real branding activities, while we do all the proper translations.

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