Negotiation tactics and distribution contracts in Dubai

What do you need to know about Dubai business culture?

Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan business centres in the Middle East, and a world trade hub. It is relatively easy to do business in Dubai compared to other Middle Eastern countries; Dubai ranks an impressive 22nd in the ease of doing business among 189 countries surveyed in the world.

What are negotiation tactics in Dubai?

While Dubai has a world-class business culture, the following tips will help conduct business professionally in the UAE:

  • Address people by their title and adopt a formal business approach
  • Though modern, Dubai, UAE is an Islamic country; it is best to understand and respect Islamic traditions when conducting business in Dubai
  • Touching Muslim women or engaging in eye contact with women is against local customs
  • Touching Muslim women or engaging in eye contact with women is against local customs
  • Lavish hospitality is the norm during meetings
  • Arabs are expert negotiators; expect tough bargaining and be prepared with a convincing pitch
  • Be sensitive to the presence of elderly persons and show them respect

How much is the contract worth in Dubai?

Judicial processes are extremely efficient in Dubai. Most contracts can be enforced within a year even where litigations are involved. The legal fees as a percentage of the total liability are affordable in Dubai.

What are pricing policy, pressure and restraints in Dubai?

Tariffs and import duties are never the barriers in Dubai. In general, a 5% import duty is levied on all imports.

The who’s who of world business operate in Dubai, a market synonymous with big brands, luxury, quality, and a competitive spirit.

Only illegal and dangerous substances like narcotics are prohibited from imports. There are restrictions on items like pork owing to religious considerations.

What is Dubai legal system?

Dubai’s legal system is based on civil laws influenced by European and Islamic law. The courts in Dubai are efficient, and disputes are quickly admitted and decided.

What is the arbitration and litigation System in Dubai?

While the arbitration framework in the UAE is still evolving, arbitrations are the preferred method for foreign investors in dispute resolutions in the country. Arbitrations in Dubai are governed by the Civil Procedure Codes. The Dubai Arbitration Centre, The Abu Dhabi Commercial arbitration centre, and the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre are the established arbitration bodies in the UAE.

Arbitrators are reliable and are in line with international arbitration standards.

While non-judicial dispute resolution processes are reliable and suggested as the way to settle disputes, the legal system is efficient with quick settlement of cases compared to most other non-western countries.

Market information and local knowledge are highly essential in doing contracts and negotiations in Dubai.Contracts have to be drafted to take advantage of the several efficient and low cost settlement processes prevalent in Dubai.

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