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With our local advisers, we help you choose the right country to source from, find the right suppliers and negotiate the best possible deal.

We can also support you with ongoing purchasing, quantity checks and import procedures.

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Together we get the best deal possible

As an international procurement manager, the world is on your feet and everybody wants to do business with you. But how to close the best deals possible, with so many countries and vendors to choose from? Here you need a structured approach with sound marketing intelligence.

Alliance experts supports in selecting the right countries to search in. Our local teams provide you with market intelligence so that you can make the right choice. We then help you identify and select the most promising vendors in the country, and support you in getting quotations and negotiating the best possible deals.

When the deal is done, we can be your ears and eyes on the ground, arranging quality checks and sorting out logistic problems. So that you can focus on your next deal.

Better deals with local intelligence

How to get the best deal possible?

  1. Have you compared countries for their price levels?
  2. Do you take into account different import duties?
  3. Do you reach the best vendors or the ones with the best website?
  4. Do you always compare different vendors?
  5. Do you know the negotiation tactics for each country?
  6. Have you checked the reliability and reputation of your vendors?
  7. Does your contract prevent additional costs?

Our sourcing approach in four easy steps


Requirements & Country selection

We sit together with you and list your requirements. If you haven’t selected a country to source from, we help you.


Supplier search

In the selected country, we will search for potential suppliers, check their suitability and see whether they are interested to work with you.


Supplier selection

We will submit your requirements to selected suppliers and ensure you get the right comparable quotations to make a choice.


Closing the deal

We support in the ordering process, can do basic checks on the shipments and help you with resolving any delivery problems.

Packages & Pricing

Our experts work for you on a part-time basis and collaborate with you to create a tailored action plan focusing on tangible deliverables.

We typically agree on blocks of 20 hours that we work for you, ranging in price from € 1000 to € 2000, depending on the income level in the respective country.

If you want a comparison from different countries, then we will first engage our teams there for a market scan. Once you have picked a country to focus on, we will increase our efforts there to get quotations from as many relevant players.

The project duration can vary, there is no minimum as we use for our other services. After selecting the best supplier or vendor for you, we can stay involved to optimise your logistics and resolve any further issues.

Market tailored pricing

Our prices differ per country where you want us to do research or source for you. Select your country to see the rates.

    per block of 20 hours

    Customer Experiences

    ” Alliance experts has helped us with clear insights in a market which was relatively new to us. Even under difficult circumstances they found good dealer candidates. “
    Alliance Expert found distributors for Harley Davidson

    Vitello Benevetti

    Harley Davidson

    ” During our cooperation Alliance experts showed an effective approach and tracking, professionalism and provided the services reliably and on time. “
    Nouraldine Banaeinejad

    Nouraldin Banaeinejad

    CAN Home appliances

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