Get the best trade show results in Saudi Arabia and UAE in 2022

Foodex Saudi 2019

In both the United Arab Emirates and in Saudi Arabia trade shows are an important way of introducing your product in the market and finding new sales channels. With lowering measures against Covid-19, trade shows are coming up again, and are a proven way for companies to enter the market or enhance their market share.

Trade shows and exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and UAE during 2022

Event Industry Country When
APLF Dubai Leather UAE- Dubai 30 Mar – 1 Apr 2022
Dubai Sports World From football pitches to tennis courts and cricket nets UAE- Dubai 1 Apr – 20 Sep 2022
Sleep Expo Mattress manufacturing, mattress machinery, sleep technology and accessories, bed linen and sleeping aids UAE- Dubai 7 – 9 Jun 2022
Middle East Foam & Polyurethane Expo Automotive interiors, medical devices, textiles, furniture and footwear UAE- Dubai 7 – 9 Jun 2022
Middle East Coatings Show Manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, distributors, buyers and technical specialists UAE- Dubai 14 – 16 Jun 2022
World Vape Show E-cigarettes UAE- Dubai 16 – 18 Jun 2022
Medical & Health Science Saudi Arabia 2022 Medical & Health Science Saudi Arabia, Mecca 15 – 16 April 2022
Medical & Health Science Saudi Arabia 2022 Medical & Health Science Saudi Arabia, Jeddah 15 – 16 May 2022
Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Expo 2022 Entertainment and Amusement Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 16 – 18 May 2022
Automechanika Riyadh 2022 Automotive aftermarkets Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 13 – 15 June 2022
INDEX Saudi 2022 Interior design Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 06 – 08 Sep 2022
Saudi HORECA 2022 HORECA Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 06 – 08 Sep 2022
Intersec Saudi Arabia 2022 Security, safety & fire protection Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 13 – 15 Sept 2022
Global Health Exhibition 2022 Clinical healthcare professionals Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 25 – 27 Sep 2022
FABEX Saudi Arabia 2022 Metal forming, fabricating, cutting, welding and finishing, pipes, wire and steel structures Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 02 – 05 Oct 2022
Metal & Steel Saudi Arabia 2022 Metal & Steel Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 02 – 05 Oct 2022
Saudi Food Pack 2022 Food Packing Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 17 – 20 Oct 2022


Saudi Agriculture 2022 Agriculture Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 17 – 20 Oct 2022


Makkah International Dental Conference & Exhibition 2022 Dental Saudi Arabia, Mecca 20 – 22 Oct 2022


Jewelry Salon Riyadh 2022 Jewelry Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 07 – 12 Nov 2022


Saudi International Restaurants and Foodservice Show 2022 Restaurants and Foodservice Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 07 – 09 Nov 2022


Saudi International MedLab Expo 2022 Lab technologies, biotechnology and life sciences, drug recovery and research, clinical diagnostic and analysis, research and development Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 07 – 09 Nov 2022


Saudi Stone Tech 2022 Stone Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 14 – 17 Nov 2022


Saudi Build 2022 Construction Saudi Arabia, Riyadh 14 – 17 Nov 2022


Materials Handling Saudi Arabia 2021 Materials Handling Saudi Arabia, Jeddah 22 – 24 Nov 2022

Alliance experts helps to make your trade show presence pay off

Being present at a trade show is a useful way to find new customers and distributors, but it also is a big investment. Renting booth space, decorating it, shipping your samples and your own travel and stay easily amounts up to 10,000 USD, even if you keep your booth small. And then you have to wait whether the trade show will attract enough visitors, whether they find your booth and you can engage them in the right type of conversation. Alliance experts helps you in three ways to optimise your chances for success.

1. We help you stand out with your booth

Even with limited budget it is possible to attract more visitors, by having the right banners in the local language and by highlighting the aspects that are important in the region where the trade show focuses on. In countries where English is not the common language it is useful to have some product descriptions in the local language. We help you prepare and check your translations.

2. We make appointments with potential agents, distributors and key clients

A lot of your potential partners and clients will visit the trade show, but they just need to find your booth. We call them in advance, send them your information and make appointments with them to visit you in your booth, where you can show your products or explain your services. This way your presence has a much better yield.

3. We are in your booth to reach out to visitors and overcome cultural and language differences

During the trade show we will be present to link you with other booth holders, to help you address visitors and to support you with quick translations where necessary. We also inform you about local customs so that your interactions with potential partners and clients will be smoother. We help to clarify misunderstandings and aim at agreeing on the right follow-up. Our presence will also enable you to visit the other booths yourself without leaving your booth empty.

Let us know where you are planning to go!

In most cases we will spend one day on preparations, two days on making appointments and we will accompany you at the trade show during two days. Depending on the country and exact location of the show, your investment will be between 7,000 and 10,000 EUR. However, our experience is that your follow-up in terms of leads and appointments more than doubles.

Ask us now for a quotation for your specific trade show!

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