The Brand Brush

The Brand Brush designs, produces and sells gourd lamps that they wanted to source from Turkey. Alliance experts found a range of supplier, of which 11 submitted their proposal.

Sourcing gourd lamps

The Brand Brush designs, produces and sells gourd lamps in the USA. They were looking to get gourds lamps from Turkey, reproduction of The Brand Brush’s own design. The lamps should include the electrical system that powers it (with USA electric standards), with rotating lamp bases. Suppliers should be able to organize the shipping and export procedures for the USA and Spain. Suppliers should be able to speak English, be communicative and cooperative. Suppliers should have a good reputation and willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


By contacting 23 producers/suppliers, we found 18 of them interested and 11 of them gave detailed information including a price list. The Brand Brush started the negotiation with them after our search. Alliance experts remained in contact with The Brand Brush and suppliers, to assist in case of difficulties with communication.

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