Miklos Tomka

Miklos Tomka is our colleague based in Toronto, Canada, with a focus on both Canada and the USA. He has been assisting companies to enter new markets (in 4 cases taking them from launch to market leadership) for over 25 years as a business leader and as a consultant. Miklos is trained in international business (INSEAD MBA) and in management consulting (Bain and Company).

Originally from Europe (dual German – Hungarian) he worked in numerous countries (France, Germany, UK just to name a few) before settling in Canada and becoming a specialist in North America market entry.

Miklos’ in-depth (and hands-on) expertise in many retail (food, fashion and more), technology and healthcare areas allow him to act also as subject matter expert when assisting companies from outside of North America – leading to credible market entry in the most efficient manner. As he has strong results in a number of additional areas as well (from transportation to retail) he is a partner you can rely on.

Based in: Toronto 🇨🇦

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