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    Our pricing is based on the country where you want to go.

    We have a structured approach with clear deliverables, depending on the package you choose.

    • In month 1 we Scan the market for you,

    • in month 2 we Launch your product and

    • in month 3 and further we Grow your sales.


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    Monthly fee for
    Market pioneerMarket explorerMarket conqueror
    Intake questionnaireYesYesYes
    Product knowledge call Yes Yes Yes
    Long-list of targetsUp to 10Up to 20Up to 50
    Audience feedback/interview135
    Competitor listingUp to 3Up to 10Up to 20
    Competitor investigation-1 competitor3 competitors
    Review sessionMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
    Market pioneerMarket explorerMarket conqueror
    Pitch for the local marketYesYesYes
    Marketing materials review-YesYes
    Jointly developed pitch deck with translation--Yes
    Adding leads to the long-listUp to 10Up to 20Up to 50
    Outbound prospectingUp to 10Up to 20Up to 50
    Review sessionMonthlyBi-weeklyWeekly
    Market pioneerMarket explorerMarket conqueror
    Adding leads to the long-list Up to 20Up to 50 
    Outbound prospectingUp to 20Up to 50Custom proposal
    Prospecting follow-upUp to 10Up to 25that we can discuss
    Inbound lead follow-upUp to 3Up to 10with you after the
    Hand-over of interested partiesYesYesScan & Launch phases,
    Attending meetings-Up to 3for example a dedicated
    Deal closing-Up to 1(part-time) sales person
    Review sessionMonthlyBi-weekly 

    Every month you can switch to a different plan or terminate our services.

    FAQ on our market entry services pricing

    In the scan phase we learn to know your product and collect information about the market by directly approaching potential distributors or clients.

    We always send you an extensive questionnaire about your offering, pricing, unique selling points and your current market approach. This will help us develop the right approach and pitch. We schedule a call with you where you can explain all features and share about reference cases and sales approaches. 

    We make a first long-list of potential distributors or clients and call them, presenting them your offering. The purpose of these calls is not hard sales, but to collect useful feedback.

    We also provide you with an overview of the most important competitors, and can analyse one or more into detail. This should give enough information to determine the best approach for the market in a review session.

    In the launch phase we look together with you how we can best pitch your offering. Depending on your plan, we also review your marketing materials or draft a presentation in the local language with the most relevant information for your potential distributors or clients. We add targets to the long-list that we already have. We may reach out this long-list in different ways, by email, LinkedIn or phone, but always strive to get a response other than just silence. We report on all contacts we had, including contact details and any follow-up needed, see this example. In the review calls with you, we report on our results and help you refine your pitch.

    In the grow phase we continue to add parties to the long-list as far as we can identify them in the market. We reach out to new leads, for larger numbers we may set up an email campaign to increase the quality of any calls. We follow-up on any contacts we had an on inbound leads that you get through your website or other marketing.

    At any point, when we encounter an interested distributor or client, we involve you in a three-party call, so you can explain more in detail about your offering.

    Depending on your plan, we can join you in meetings and do the deal-closing, if you provide us enough information for this.

    Of course we have regular calls to review what we have done and to fine-tune our collaboration.

    Depending on your offering and the market, the number of potential distributors or clients may be limited. For example, if you sell radar systems for airports, in most countries you will just have a few potential clients. Also in a niche market like the storage of art, the number of direct competitors may be small.

    In that case we list as many as we can find, also looking broader than just your definition, and rather intensify our approach on the most promising ones. 

    Once we get started for you, we can also support you in your marketing, representing you at meetings or organising your presence at trade shows, guiding your visits in the country or resolving any quality or delivery issues.

    For these activities we always make a separate proposal.

    The monthly fee covers the activities as described, including our office and telecommunication costs. We mostly reach out by phone or the internet, but if you want us to do shop visits or meet someone in person, additional time and travel costs will be involved. Also any costs to be paid to third parties such as marketing agencies, lawyers, trade show tickets or sending samples are not included in our fees. We will always ask your agreement on this first.

    Please note that in case of Fast Moving Consumer Goods you may have to invest in listing fees, sampling or advertising costs. Also for B2B sales it may be necessary to organize promotional events or trainings.

    Our pricing is competitive and tailored to each market, ensuring you receive substantial value for your investment.

    Often hiring someone full-time is too big a risk for the market, and in the beginning you are waiting a lot for responses. Our services are designed to provide a cost-effective, knowledgeable, and culturally attuned alternative, helping you overcome these obstacles efficiently. This means:

    • Directly available from day 1
    • Local teams, present in the market
    • No cultural differences to overcome
    • Scale up and down again in a flexible way

    We operate primarily on a fixed monthly price basis. This model is chosen to ensure clarity and consistency in our services, allowing you to plan and budget with certainty. It also aligns our efforts directly with your strategic goals, rather than being driven by commission-based incentives. We will have monthly progress call where you can give directions and we can see how we can work more efficiently.

    Every product-market combination is different. Your product may do well in Sweden, but that does not say anything about Germany. And if we have successfully helped a swimming trunks brand to France, that does not mean that another brand can just follow the same path.

    So for every country we need to check the market structure and the local competition before we can make a plan. In a city state like Singapore you can more easily roll out a service than in a vast country like Vietnam.

    This is why we don’t work on a fixed price for certain deliverables or with a commission, because it’s hard to estimate in advance the work that needs to be done. After a while this may change and we can discuss (partly) working on a commission basis.

    In our opinion there are two differences: a call center is good in executing a specific script, mostly with the aim to set an appointment. But how effective are these scripts to get to the real decision maker, for example of a retail chain? This requires a different approach, more out of seniority, and sometimes multiple personalised ways of reaching out. For example through a personal network or a business club, or by using the right names as a referrer.

    The second difference is that you have to brief the call center carefully, both on the list of clients to approach, and on the content. What if the client asks about differences with the competition? And about your price positioning in the market? These are things that you need to sort out yourself first, and this is typically what we do for you.

    You can download a proposal from our website directly for the country that you are interested in. This includes all information on this page, plus our general terms and conditions.

    If you have any questions about our offering, just schedule a call, and we look into your situation and provide as many answers as we can. If any customization on your proposal is needed, we can also do that.

    Then sign our proposal, we will send you the intake questionnaire directly, including our invoice for the first month. When we have your answers and the invoice is paid, our local teams will start to work, and we will keep you updated frequently.

    Once we got started, you can always scale up and down to another plan or terminate our agreement before the end of each month.

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