Market Tailored Pricing

for international market entry

We support your market entry strategy and offer distributor search and business development services in over 30 countries. 

Our experts work for you on a part-time basis and collaborate with you to create a tailored action plan focusing on tangible deliverables.

As we work with local teams, our prices differ from market to market with local salary levels, starting from € 1000 / month for 20 hours. Select the country where you want to enter the market to see our pricing.

Benefits of our 12 months Market entry package

  • 20 hours per month of our local business development experts
  • scale up to more hours and scale down again when needed
  • goals and outcomes tailored to your situation
  • transparant reporting & monthly progress calls
  • move to another country once your targets are met

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    Our pricing differs per country where you want to enter the market, based on local costs of living. If you have multiple countries in mind, please pick the one that you think is the most promising.

    Still wondering which country to go to? Let us help you!

    In , our experienced business developers work for you 20 hours per month for . Every month we report on what we have done and plan actions and deliverables for the next month. This is a 12-month plan where you can scale up and down our efforts when needed.

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    FAQ on our market entry services pricing

    Our ‘starting from’ fee is based on 20 hours per month of our experienced business development managers. Our service packages are tailored to your specific business objectives. Where needed we can help you with your Market Entry Strategy. If you have a Fast Moving Consumer Goods product, or another product that needs retail channels, our Distributor Search approach includes all the right steps. For B2B markets or complex technology sales, please check our Business Development approach.

    In our kick-off call we tailor the approach to your specific needs. For example, if you have already done local competitor research and you can share the data with us, we don’t have to do this any more. And if you want more emphasis on lead follow-up, we can do so.

    Our pricing is competitive and tailored to each market, ensuring you receive substantial value for your investment.

    In terms of costs per hour worked, we are at a comparable level of hiring somebody in the country yourself, if you include salary, social security levies, payrolling, office costs, a car and not to forget recruitment costs. Ask us for the comparison!

    Often hiring someone full-time is too big a risk for the market, and in the beginning you are waiting a lot for responses. Our services are designed to provide a cost-effective, knowledgeable, and culturally attuned alternative, helping you overcome these obstacles efficiently. This means:

    • Directly available from day 1
    • Local teams, present in the market
    • No cultural differences to overcome
    • Scale up and down again in a flexible way

    The monthly fee covers the salary of our business development expert, any social security costs, his or her office, IT and telecom costs, and any travel within 50 km of the office. If we need to travel further, or stay overnight, we will give you a cost estimate first.

    Any costs to be paid to third parties such as marketing agencies, lawyers, trade show tickets or meals that we host are not included in our fees. We will always ask your agreement on this first.

    Please note that in case of Fast Moving Consumer Goods you may have to invest in listing fees, sampling or advertising costs. Also for B2B sales it may be necessary to organize promotional events or trainings.

    We operate primarily on a fixed monthly price basis. This model is chosen to ensure clarity and consistency in our services, allowing you to plan and budget with certainty. It also aligns our efforts directly with your strategic goals, rather than being driven by commission-based incentives. We will have monthly progress call where you can give directions and we can see how we can work more efficiently.

    Every product-market combination is different. Your product may do well in Sweden, but that does not say anything about Germany. And if we have successfully helped a swimming trunks brand to France, that does not mean that another brand can just follow the same path.

    So for every country we need to check the market structure and the local competition before we can make a plan. In a city state like Singapore you can more easily roll out a service than in a vast country like Vietnam.

    This is why we don’t work on a fixed price for certain deliverables or with a commission, because it’s hard to estimate in advance the work that needs to be done. After a while this may change and we can discuss (partly) working on a commission basis.

    In our opinion there are two differences: a call center is good in executing a specific script, mostly with the aim to set an appointment. But how effective are these scripts to get to the real decision maker, for example of a retail chain? This requires a different approach, more out of seniority, and sometimes multiple personalised ways of reaching out. For example through a personal network or a business club, or by using the right names as a referrer.

    The second difference is that you have to brief the call center carefully, both on the list of clients to approach, and on the content. What if the client asks about differences with the competition? And about your price positioning in the market? These are things that you need to sort out yourself first, and this is typically what we do for you.

    We realize of course that our services are more expensive than those of a call center. So as soon as we have defined a bigger group of prospects for which we have a very clear message, we will advise you to hire a call center for this, rather than that we start calling hundreds of companies.

    As a basis, we work for you for at least 12 months and for a minimum of 20 hours per month. If you want us to scale up, we will check whether we can do so, and start as quickly as possible. If we have capacity and it’s still in the beginning of the month, we’ll ensure that you get your extra hours even that month, otherwise we ramp up the next month.

    You can scale down our activities for the next month, if you announce that before the 5th of the current month. You can scale down in steps of 20 hours per month. As long as you are in the first twelve months of our contract, the minimum to keep is 20 hours per month.

    If you want to terminate our agreement, or scale down faster than allowed, we will invoice a penalty of half the difference in costs that you should have paid. So going from 60 hours to 20 hours in one month costs you half of the price difference from 40 to 20 hours. If you want to terminate our services in month 4 already, we charge you half of the 20 hours per month fee for month 5 to 12. 

    You can make use of our services in three simple steps:

    1. Plan a free orientation call with us and tell us about your ambitions. If you haven’t selected a first country yet to enter, we help you to pick one.
    2. You will receive a complete proposal for our services, that you can review and approve.
    3. In a kick-off call with our local expert we will define a first strategy and an action plan, and if you are comfortable with it, we will get to work.

    You always have one week after the kick-off call with our local expert to terminate our services, free of charge. We just want to make sure that before we brief one of our experts and ask him/her to make an action plan, all other terms and conditions are agreed with your company.

    In general we advise you to stick to one country, as this is the most effective. But there can be reasons to shift to another country, for example if it turns our that there is no attractive market, or in case you find the perfect distributor that will take care of everything. 

    In case you switch to a country with a different monthly fee, we will adjust the number of hours accordingly so that you fee remains the same. 

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