Business opportunities in Singapore – overview per sector

Meet Singapore – a top business destination of the world. Many countries have already acknowledged it as the easiest place to do business. Singapore boasts of several business establishments enough to make other countries notice it and enough to lure them in to engage in trade and further the country’s economic growth.

The Singaporean Economy

Many business establishments based in Singapore are owned by foreigners who opted to start out their business venture in the country due to its advanced infrastructure and transportation. The country is the perfect place for business startups. The government along with its people have made the country a suitable place for business opportunities and businesses have grown and flourished due to the economy’s hospitality.

Why Do Business in Singapore

Singapore is a suitable place to do business for several reasons. One of these reasons would be the geographical location of the country, which is more than enough to house several establishments. Ongoing land reclamations have only made the land area open for more business transactions. The country also has a well-developed network of infrastructures. Considered as the world’s most “Tech-Ready Nation”, its readiness for information and communication technologies has become one of the country’s reasons for economic success. International and domestic transport has also made the nation an easy place for people all over the world to conduct business within Singapore. Lastly, a seaport that has survived throughout the ages that allows people to use it as a hub for trade and commercialization.

The Attractive Business Opportunities in Singapore

If you’re interested in starting out a business in the international market, it is highly recommended you make your way to Singapore and start from there. Here are some of the business opportunities in Singapore that have grown and flourished through the years:

Travel and Tourism

Every year, the number of tourists are continually increasing owing to the fact that Singapore is becoming one of the most preferred travel destinations in the world. With its convenient international and domestic forms of transport, it has made tourists possible to grace the country and in turn, results to an increasing demand in services relating to tourism.

Food and Beverages

The culture in Singapore is quite diverse and the number of ethnic races visiting and residing within the country has only made it more complex. The preferences of these people have led to a demand for a variety of cuisines needed to satisfy the people’s palates.

The Hospitality Sector

The government also supports the establishments of hotels and resorts as well as small-scale business like inns, hostels, and guesthouses due to the increased number of tourists. Singapore is very open to business opportunities that will maximize the stay of tourists and will leave them satisfied or craving for more.

Information Technology

With the emerging trend of IT establishments and its economic success, Singapore has grabbed the opportunity in investing in this new trade. The impressive IT skills and the abundant resource of manpower have made it conducive for IT business opportunities to grow and flourish.

Telecom Industry Singapore

Telecom Industry Singapore deals with offering and improving mobile services and technologies in Southeast Asia. They also offer internet connectivity services. With a growing demand in mobile and Internet services, any entrepreneur would be sure to make it out in this kind of business venture.

Retail Fashion and Stores

The people in Singapore are very much into the fashion world making fashion a huge matter in their lives. The same reason why anyone would hit it off if they began a business venture in retail. Opening up a boutique catering to the latest fashion trends would totally be a success.

Beauty Salons and Spas

People will always find a way to resort to places that can rejuvenate and relax their bodies and minds. With the amount of people that come in and out of Singapore, a lot of people will be sure to resort to these kinds of business establishments.


Educational setups are very much welcome in the capital of entrepreneurs. Education, mostly in the form of private specialized industry courses, are a total hit with consumers which has led to education as one of the most successful business industries of today.

So if you’re aiming to engage yourself in business and trade on a global scale, why not start out in Singapore? It’s a good place for you and your business to grow. Alliance experts can help you find the right market research to get started.

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