The UK fashion and apparel industry: trends and business opportunities

UK’s fashion industry plays a significant role in the country’s economy. In 2017, it was valued at 29 billion pounds.. A growing population and increased awareness is also major reasons for increased demand for clothing made in the United Kingdom. Over the past few years, the British fashion sector has significantly grown and transformed and today the country is home to some of the world’s top fashion designers.

What makes UK fashion stand apart?

Known for being unique, creative and innovative, UK fashion has much to offer. Designers here take pride in creating fashion products that set the trend. Plus there is a wide variety of fashion items that UK offers – from high end brands, casual wear to not so expensive ones, there’s something for everyone. Customers have the liberty to choose from an array according to their individual styles and preferences. UK fashion brands are known for their unique twists from classic to highly creative and innovative styles.

With the industry continuously growing and recruiting the best and most talented, customers have grown to expect high quality work. In fact, individuals working for the UK fashion industry are known to not only possess high fashion standards but also ingenuity and strong business acumen, required in today’s competitive industry.

Consumer fashion trends

Specialised demand such as ethical clothing or environmentally friendly clothing is in demand in the UK. Ethical or environmentally friendly clothing basically refers to clothing that has been produced with the least amount of damage and the highest amount of benefits to a maximum number of people or the planet.

Many British retailers also make available gender neutral or unisex clothing to local consumers as a fashion trend typical to the European market.

The gateway to UK retail

‘Pure London’ one of Uk’s biggest fashion events showcases various products from the mid to high end ranges. It is an ideal demonstration of the latest innovations in the UK and International fashion scene, and is especially effective as a launch pad for new products.

Economic opportunities

With the industry continuously growing, and events such as these promoting the sector, experts are predicting increased employment opportunities not just for aspiring fashion designers but even other fashion related jobs.

The UK fashion industry provided about 797,000 jobs according to research conducted by Oxford Economics in 2014. With steady growth, economic opportunities present themselves in all areas of fashion. Increase in demand for product induces demand for skilled and creative people who can provide fresh ideas and unique styles for various kinds of fashionable items.

Investors, retailers, sellers and other support industries connected to the fashion industry all hold promise in this sector.

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