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Explore new markets, learn about your competition, position your product and find the right agents, distributors or brokers to get your product or service sold. We know how difficult it is to successfully enter a market in a new country. Our local experts will be happy provide you with the right information and contacts.

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You can of course enter a new market by setting up your own sales force, but often the most effective way is by finding agents, distributors, brokers, resellers or even franchisees to sell for you. In order to convince them, you need a compelling story why your offering sells better than what they already have and a clear perspective how they are going to make more money with you.

This is where you need market intelligence, competitor information and a clear brand story. You also should have thought about delivery conditions, guarantees, payment and the marketing support that you will provide. How do you position your product among alternatives and what do you think are the best ways to promote your offering?

Alliance experts can provide all this information because we have local teams in over 30 countries. They can easily get the information you need, they know industry organizations and chambers of commerce and have the right contacts. They can brief you, so you can be convincing towards your business partners.

We help you with intelligence on a local market level

5 things to check on the market

5 things to do before approaching local partners

Customer Experiences

” Taking into account the quality of services and the successful cooperation, I would recommend Alliance experts as a reliable partner. “
Krzystof Lipkowski

Krzystof Lipkowski

Apart Group

” During our cooperation Alliance experts showed an effective approach and tracking, professionalism and provided the services reliably and on time. “
Nouraldine Banaeinejad

Nouraldin Banaeinejad

CAN Home appliances

” Very professional and helpful experience – I would greatly recommend any company to seek out your help in case they consider entering new markets. “
Georgy Rahayel

Georgy Rahayel

Le Joyau d'Olive

” Alliance experts has helped us with clear insights in a market which was relatively new to us. Even under difficult circumstances they found good dealer candidates. “

Vitello Benevetti

Harley Davidson

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