Topdesk is one of the main players in the Netherlands for service management software. Where for larger countries the strategy was to set up their own sales force, for smaller countries they worked with resellers. Alliance experts found them new reseller candidates in Singapore and guided the visits.

Differentiated market entry strategy

Topdesk distinguishes between large markets and smaller markets. For the bigger markets, like Germany or the United States, they have their own sales teams locally. This gives them more control and since there are many market opportunities, this can be more cost-efficient in the long run than working with resellers.

For the smaller markets, e.g. like Sweden, they work with local resellers who get a part of the margin on the software and can offer their own implementation services. Especially in the beginning, when volumes still need to grow and turnover may not cover the costs of a complete sales team, this lowers the investments in market entry.

Good preparation pays off

What helped Alliance experts when finding resellers for Topdesk in Singapore, was the extensive preparation. Topdesk had a clear company presentation, a technology roadmap, they knew how to distinguish themselves from other similar software vendors and with the experience they already had with other resellers, they could indicate a clear turnover growth path for Singapore that would be feasible for the reseller.

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