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Become an execution partner

Alliance experts is constantly looking for new independent consultants to execute projects for our clients. We are already present in most major economies. At this moment we are specifically looking for partners in Germany, the UK and the USA, but also in South Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Egypt.

We mostly like to work with people:

  • Who have already run their export, customs or commercial business development consultancy for a number of years;
  • Who have grown up in the country they are now active or who have lived there for at least 15 years and speak the local languages fluently;
  • Who are fluent in English, as that is our common language, an willing to invest in getting to know each other and our methodologies;
  • Who are open to spending half of their time or more on projects that we bring (although we can’t guarantee that workload in every country);
  • Who also want to put effort in selling the services of other colleagues.

Become a marketing partner

If our global network is interesting as an addition to your own export services, or you think you have the right network to sell our services to, then you are more than welcome to join us as a marketing partner.

As a marketing partner, you can earn money with:

  • Lead generation. We have various tools and personal links for you so you can engage your network and mark them as ‘yours’ in our systems.
  • Selling our services to your own leads or to leads that we forward to you.

After the sales is done, we take over the account management and the project management, so you don’t have to worry about that. However, if you also provide your own services to a specific client, we will find a way that you remain their first point of contact.

Contact us to learn more

Does this all sound interesting? Please contact Mr. Alfred Griffioen, the founding partner of the network. Please email him your cv and some motivation. We then have an information package prepared for you.