EEPC India

From 1 to 3 Februari 2017, Alliance experts organised matchmaking in Iran for a group of 64 Indian companies, brought together by EEPC India. Before and during this event, over 400 Iranian companies were approached and over 100 were matched with these Indian companies, resulting in 238 one-to-one meetings. A number of these meetings resulted in direct agreements.

Activities of Alliance experts

What Alliance experts did in order to achieve this result, was the following:

  • Each Indian company profile was studied
  • We searched for similar Iranian companies
  • In total 32 related associations and unions were contacted
  • This resulted in a matchmaking database
  • We sent the info of the relevant Indian companies to the Iranian companies
  • We filtered out those Iranian companies who were not interested, the selected Iranian companies registered for the B2B meetings
  • All Iranian companies were informed of date and time for their individual B2B meetings
  • Alliance experts provide assistance and follow up services

Industry sectors involved

The Iranian companies came from the sectors as mentioned below:

Lessons learned

What are the recommendations from this event for other matchmakings?

  • Timing: The process of B2B meetings should be begin at least 2 months before the actual date of the meetings
  • Location: Participants in this case had problems with finding the venue, this can severely disturb the meeting schedule
  • Advertisement: the more widespread advertisement is being done for the event, the better the choice of companies.
  • Match-making: We noticed that we needed more accurate information about the Indian companies than initially provided in order to target similar Iranian companies.


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