How to sell your products online on Iran e-marketplaces?

Online sales in Iran

The fever of online marketing seems not to cool down in Iran. Nowadays, Iranians are finding comfort in online shopping and having their products posted to their door. About 3% of all transactions in the country are made through internet shops. There are about 9,000 active online shops in Iran, that have the trust certificate (eNAMAD) from Iran E-commerce development Center. The main reason that people use internet shopping, is saving time, skipping traffic jams and air pollution. The statistics show that women, especially the women between 16 – 34 are the main online buyers.

On average, every Iranian above 14 years old has made 207 online purchases in past Iranian Year (March 21. 2016 – March 22. 2017) and the average amount of each transaction is about 28$ .

As people in Iran, can not purchase from foreign online shopping websites, such as Amazon and Ebay. Iranian online shopping websites are getting more famous and regular.

Most desired products in Iran online shops

  • Personal and Home Appliance: Electric toothbrush, air conditioner, humidifier, Iron, Stove, Food Processor,¬†Espresso Machine, Food steamer
  • Electronics: Smart phone, Tablets, Ultrabooks and Laptops, Headphones, Camera
  • Decoration and Luxury lifestyle: Carpet wall hangings, Carpets, Leather products
  • Clothing and footwear: Purses and bags, Suitcases, Backpacks, Clothes

Alliance experts helps you to sell online on Iranian platforms

Alliance experts can help you enter the Iranian online market, first with limited up-front costs to test your product, and if your sales is picking up, we can help you make the process more efficiently.

Step 1: test your product with limited investments

You can send us your product descriptions or just refer us to another e-commerce website where you offer your product. We will then make a similar description in Persian, which is not just a translation, but a text that takes into account the Iranian mindset and way of promoting goods. The seller will be a Iranian company, in order to gain trust. As soon as we get the order, and the payment, we will notify you, so that you can ship the product directly to the end-customer. For this purpose we will provide you with the right information about packaging and labeling requirements, customs procedures and customs duties etc.

We will also respond in Persian on any enquiries, requests or claims. Any returns can be sent to us, and we consult with you how to handle these.

Step 2: add local shipping

If volumes increase and become more predictable, you can make your product more attractive by sending stock to Iran, so that you can offer shorter delivery times. Alliance experts works together with a local fulfilment party, who can import your goods, keep your stock, and package and ship your products on demand. This way you will save on shipping costs, and increase your margins, at least if you have the volumes to overcome the monthly costs for storage and financing of your local stock.

Step 3: add offline

For a number of products it is useful to have offline sales outlets as well, if only for your customers to touch, feel and try out your products. If the online sales of your product becomes substantial, it will also become less risky for retailers to start distributing. Alliance experts knows the market, can easily select the right retail chains and approach the most relevant distributors. Read more about our matchmaking services.

Add marketing efforts for increased sales

No sales without marketing, because also in Iran your product needs to be promoted in order to sell better. We can help you with your online marketing by keeping your social media pages up-to-date and active, by managing your online advertising campaigns or by helping you select the right offline channels and activities.

We can do this as your local country manager, but on a part-time basis, which can just be a couple of hours per week. We closely align with your own marketing department and let them do the real branding activities, while we guard to translation to the Iranian context.

Do you want to know more? Just contact our colleague Mahdi Hayatbakhsh in Tehran, or just approach one of our colleagues nearby.

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