Internet and mobile communication in Ghana: many business opportunities

Ghana: A rising field of opportunities 

Ghana is an active member of the global business wave driven by highly advanced communication techniques. Its development in the area of Information and Communication technology has been remarkable with an impressive growth rate, especially as compared to other African countries.

IT Infrastructure in Ghana

According to the Data Development Group of the World Bank, Ghana has been one of the consistently successful players in the African continent. In fact, Ghana is known as being the ideal nesting place for business initiatives like Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO). In 2009, Ghana was hailed as the most professed business destination in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to this, the 2009 outsourcing reports on Africa showed that Ghana was an upcoming force, infrastructurally ready for outsourcing, backed with positive People Driver indicators.

Investments in the Ghana communication sector

Ghana has attracted numerous investments from within the country and globally.

The Kofi Annan ICT Centre of Excellence, a project between Ghana and India has been assigned to nurture human resources needed for the inflating outsources industry within the two countries.

The Multi-Media Center, a training ground for private companies, operates in Ghana. The mission of this establishment is to equip the human resources section of these companies in a way that makes them eligible for relocation and employment at the Technology Parks Business Centre in Freezone Enclave, Tema.

Internet Services Providers (ISP) and Telecommunication companies have chipped in to contribute towards the country’s goal of improving communication service delivery. Various systems have also been introduced by other companies that aim to offer high-speed internet access and multimedia capabilities. In fact, the government of Ghana has recently signed a partnership with Microsoft Corporation, which aims to improve ICT education in the country.

Even Vodafone, one of the biggest service network providers in the US, has reached out their hand in helping the country in improving its ICT resources. The network has established its very first internet cafes and retail areas within the country. The Wi-Fi services offered at these zones can reach out to 100 customers each and can be accessed at coffee shops and prominent shopping malls.

Foreign companies such as Data Management International Inc. and Rising Data Solutions are among many others who have entrusted their names in the capable hands of the efficient people of Ghana. These companies are hopeful about their business expansion plans in Ghana and a favourable trend is being reflected in the numbers as well.

Telecommunications in Accra

Ghana’s telecommunications system has also been experiencing continual improvement and reform. The National Communications Authority Act has been long-acting in regulating its policies and terms within Ghana’s lands.

Over the last few years, Ghana’s market has been known to exponentially grow. 5 years ago the growth rate was a staggering 62.3% while 8 years ago, 53.8% compound growth rate was recorded for Ghana’s telecom systems. The numbers are a reflection of the country’s steady development in line with their business plans. The number of telecom and internet fixed lines in Ghana has just been growing.

There  are  six  (6)  cellular  network  operators  in  Ghana  namely: Scancom  Ghana  Limited  (MTN), Vodafone  Ghana  Limited,  Millicom  Ghana  Limited  (Tigo), Airtel  Communication,  Expresso  and Globacom  Ghana  Limited  (Glo) and as  of February  2020  the  market  for  all the telecom  operators  stood  at 39.97 million connections.

Internet Services

Ghanaians are active internet users with this medium being one of the primary sources in information and communication. Over the last decade, increased global connectivity has boosted businesses, especially in the private sector.

The leading providers in internet service within Ghana are VSAT Data Network Operators, composed of 114 private companies investing on improving its services within the country. Privately-owned FM Radio Stations from across the globe have been offering their services in Ghana as well.

Contrary to popular belief, many countries within the African continent are not impervious to the wonderful developments in the virtual and business world. Ghana specifically, based on country data,  has been showing steady improvement and advancement in line with the business objectives of the region.

Investment opportunities for foreign companies

As a destination for investment, the country shows promise, especially in its ICT sector. It is a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry that is open to technological and monetary involvement due to its ‘developing stage’ nature.

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