What does Qatar Exports

The blockade on Qatar

Since 5 June 2017, an air, sea and land blockade was imposed on Qatar by four Arab countries. There is political pressure from diverse sides to change the situation. On March 20, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince met US President Trump at the White House. According to a senior White House official, Trump intended to urge Mohammed bin Salman to find a solution to the Gulf crisis. Further legal procedures are still going on. At this moment movement of people and goods is disrupted with a number of regional and international airlines announcing flight cancellations to/from Doha.

What do we know about Qatari consumers?

Qatar is a mega wealthy oil nation of just 2 million people consisting of Arabic, Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians and other minority groups. Qataris enjoy the highest per capita income in the world and the lowest rate of unemployment. This reflects a high purchasing power and demand for quality.

Qatar’s win of the 2022 World Cup bid is further boosting and improving its travel and infrastructure facilities.

99% of Qatar’s population lives in highly developed urbanised society. Doha, the capital of Qatar has been voted as one of the top cities for business by Forbes magazine.


Doha – Smart Urbanism

As Qatar implements its extraordinary vision for 2030, Doha is being positioned as a new urban development brand. New innovative concepts, transformative governance and knowledge based urbanism will catapult Doha into a major position in the global energy market.

What does Qatar import?

  • Machinery and transport equipment
  • Food
  • Chemicals

Which are Qatar’s most favoured import partners?
(Situation 2018, percentage of total imports)

Please note that some Arab countries have strongly reduced their exports to Qatar due to the blockage.

  • US (19.3%)
  • China (12.1%)
  • UAE (0.1%)
  • Germany (6.0%)
  • Japan (4.2%)
  • UK (5.5%)
  • Italy (4.1%)
  • Saudi Arabia (0.1%)

Which are Qatar’s top shipping container ports?

Doha port is the old main container port in Qatar. Load is currently shifting to the new port project al Al Wakrah, in September 2017 officially opened as Hamad Port. As a number of port facilities as Hamad is still under construction, the importance of this port will grow.

Which are Qatar’s top cargo airports?

  • Hamad International Airport
  • Doha International Airport, which used to be the old main airport until the opening of Hamad International Airport in 2014.

What are Qatar’s import regulations?

Qatar has strict laws pertaining to customs clearance of goods being brought into the country. A custom’s declaration form and a manifest are required to be presented on arrival. Failure to comply with Qatar’s custom laws can result in delay, penalties, holding, sending back of goods or even severe legal action.

‘Al-Nadeeb’ is an online system which simplifies the import procedures. One can access duty information, make payments and complete paperwork through the online mechanism.

What are Qatar’s import tariff and taxes?

Customs duties are based on percentage value of goods (approx. 5%), or on per unit basis. The value of goods is calculated according to rules under the Qatar Customs and Port Law.

Prohibited goods to export to Qatar

  • Flammable goods
  • Radioactive material
  • Ammunition and explosives
  • Narcotic drugs
  • Goods from economically boycotted countries
  • Goods which infringe rules related to artistic, commercial, industrial or intellectual property rights.

Qatar has a highly developed transport infrastructure and advanced distribution system. Typical of a progressively rich country, the nation’s sale mechanism is evolved and up to date. The average Qatari consumer lives lavishly and spends extravagantly. Nearly 85% of Qatar’s population are expats. This segment has greatly affected the retail segment and continues to influence the need for luxury products among Qatar’s core consumer base.

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