Export Trading Company (ETC)

An export trading company is an independent organization that renders support services for companies engaged in export trade. This can include billing, warehousing, insuring and shipping on behalf of the client.

Export trading organizations act as an agent and may assist producers finding foreign buyers and provide them with other relevant market information. They tend to be demand-driven and transaction-oriented. A group of producers can also form its own ETC.

Compared to an Export Management Company the services of an export trading company are mostly more limited.

Seaching for somebody to represent you abroad?

Alliance experts can provide the right local people to grow your business in the country, just as one of your own people would do. Our advantage is that we don’t have to travel and know the market from within. You can hire us part-time, and for any commercial activity that you need.

If the plan includes finding distributors or sales agents, we will arrange it. If your product needs to be visible online on local platforms in the local language, we will do so. If free publicity or visiting trade shows will help you sell, we will work on it. We report to the people in your organisation and we work strictly within the budget that we agreed upon. For major decisions, as the choice for a distributor, we may ask you to come over.

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