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Si necesita un producto, componente o servicio específico, es posible que haya muchos países en los que pueda adquirirlo. ¿Por dónde empezar y cómo asegurarse de cerrar los mejores tratos? Con los servicios de aprovisionamiento internacional de los expertos de Alliance, siempre irá un paso por delante. Rellene el formulario en inglés de cinco preguntas y recibirá directamente una primera propuesta y una indicación de costes.

    If you have any questions about this form or if you want to speak to one of our team, please contact:


    What country is your company/division based in?

    What are you currently looking for to source?
    a commodity product, like sand, grain, blank paper or banana'sa specific consumer product, like thumbdrives, chairs or yoga matsa specific B2B product, like bolts, production machines or safety bootsproduction capacity to make my unique product or componentsa specific service, like design, engineering or quality control

    If you are looking for a commercial service like an agent, distributor or reseller, then click here.


    For this sourcing need, do you already know in which country you want to buy it?
    No, we are still open to many countriesYes, this country is...

    You want to source from:


    What would the estimated (yearly) purchasing volume be?
    less that 50.000 EUR/USDbetween 50.000 and 250.000 EUR/USDover 250.000 EUR/USD

    Our proposal would consist of the following steps and payments:


    We sit together with you to list your requirements:

    • Technical specifications

    • Quality level

    • Delivery times

    • Order flow and communication

    • Payment terms

    With our local partner we do a quickscan on the market in to see whether there are enough potential vendors who can service your needs. If not, then we look for another country.Out of the 30 countries where Alliance experts is active, together with you we select three where we see the best chances. In each of these countries, our local partners will do a quickscan on the availibility of qualified suppliers. We report to you, so that you can choose one country to focus on.

    A first payment of € 4.000, before we commence

    A first payment of € 1.500, before we commence


    In the selected country, we will search for and list potential suppliers. We will approach these suppliers to see whether they are interested to work with you. If so, we will directly ask there for a quotation and delivery conditions, and the quantities they can supply. We will first ask for a company presentation and a product catalogue, and more about the way they operate. We will first ask for a company presentation and a product catalogue, and more about the way they operate. We will first ask for a company presentation, their machinery and the skills of their staff, and comparable projects that they have done. We will first check whether they can really deliver the service that you are looking for, and what reference cases they have. We report to you on our findings and advise with which companies to proceed.

    A second payment at delivery of the report, starting from € 2.500, depending on the complexity and the country


    For up to three potential suppliers:

    • We will help you close a confidentiality agreement if necessary

    • We will provide your RFQ to them and request for a quotation

    • We review the quotation together with you and prepare questions for a meeting

    • We join you (virtually) in the meeting and help you with negotiations

    Eventually it is up to you to compare the offerings and close the best deal.

    Up from € 2.000 per supplier, depending on the complexity

    Mostly for commodities or for relatively standardised products there are standardised trading and shipping conditions, which makes doing business easy. If necessary, we can always support you here

    Once you have a contract, we can support you in the communication with the supplier. We can do basic checks on the goods that are to be shipped.

    • Assessing quantities

    • Taking random samples from the shipment

    • Supporting third-party quality checks

    In case of delays, we can visit the supplier or check any hickups in the logistics process. These activities will mostly be invoiced on a day rate.


    Since the estimated purchasing value is relatively low, it may be the case that hiring us is more expensive than any benefit we can arrange for you. In that case we suggest to look at different trading platforms and search there for something that most fits your needs.

    With an estimated purchasing volume of over 50.000 EUR/USD, chances are good that the financial benefit of working with us is bigger than our fees. Especially if you take into account the time that you have to put in yourself otherwise in approaching suppliers in a different country. We can bring you to lesser known vendors with better prices or delivery conditions.

    With an estimated purchasing volume of over 250.000 EUR/USD, you can be certain of the financial benefit of working with us. We can bring you to lesser known vendors who are eager to work with you and show flexibility. Even a few percent discount or better delivery conditions will easily offset our fees for supporting you.

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