World Trade Analytics: find the best country to export your products to

World trade analyticsThere are many countries that you can export your product to, but what is the most promising market? Alliance experts offers a unique service for analysing the main trading streams and price levels for your specific product, identified by the HS Code. We use the 6-digit version of it, which drills down to a specific product catagory, such as stuffed pasta (190220), stainless steel wire (722300) or parts for railway locomotives (860791).

From raw data to useful information

Trade data is publicly available, but combining data from various sources and the analysis of it is complicated and very time-consuming. In collaboration with a specialised team of data scientist and experts working in the field of analytics research innovation we can offer you a concise report for your specific product range, that specifies for example:

  • Which countries are the biggest exporters and importers of the product?
  • Are volumes increasing or decreasing?
  • Where are prices higher and where lower?
  • What is the performance of other exporting countries?
  • What are barriers to enter the market?

The report contains many graphical presentations that rank the various countries, based on the aspects that you find important: such as market growth, market size, geographical proximity or price levels.

This information will help you to decide on the countries to focus on, thus saving you time and effort for highly competitive or relatively small or low-yield markets. The report will also contain the more detailed data per country.

Order the report for your own product!

If you want to see how the report is structured, you can download an example here. Please keep in mind that the report will be tailor-made for you based on the relevant HS code for your business, your main production location and your goals.

The price for the report is € 2,250 (excluding of VAT where applicable) and the report will be provided within 10 working days in the English language. This includes a section with advice and recommendations of our export specialists. We can also offer the report without this advice for € 2,000.

Yes, I want to order my own trade analytics report!