Season’s greetings: if you can’t travel, we will do it for you!

2020 was a year where we all felt ‘grounded’ and missed the personal contact that is so essential. In order to give you the feeling that you still saw something of the world, we have asked our export developers in over 30 countries to send in their favourite winter landscape.

Singapore Orchard Road
Made by Zhang Wenjie, under Creative Commons license,

Japan, near the mountainsMade by unknown artist, under Creative Commons 2.0,

New York, Central ParkMade by Diego Torres Silvestre under Creative Commons 2.0,

St. Petersburg, Blagoveshchenskiy bridgeMade by Olga under Creative Commons license 2.0:

St-Germain-en-Laye, France

Amsterdam, canalsMade by Yeray Díaz Zbida under Creative Commons 2.0 license,

Sydney, Harbour bridgeMade by Raj Singh under Creative Commons 2.0 licence,

We wish you happy holidays and a successful 2021

And we would love to give you a clear picture of the business opportunities and the potential contacts for you in the countries where we are active. Just contact one of our team members.

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