Wine distribution to Africa and Asia: find wine importers and distributors

Both in Africa and Asia more people start drinking wine and enjoying it. So there is a growing market, not only for French wines but also for wines from different grounds. Australian wines are popular in Southeast Asia, and also American wines find their way around the world.

Distribution channels vary per country

The import and distribution of wines varies per country. In a smaller country like Singapore you may have a few specialised distributors and the supermarkets who import wine. In other countries the wine may go along with other alcoholic beverages, for which there mostly is an extensive market.

Let Alliance experts introduce you

Alliance experts knows the structure in most countries and a number of our people have the right network to get your product introduced in the right places quickly. If you think your brand stands a chance with a purchasing manager, then we can introduce you there. We only charge a small fee for reviewing your products and conn you, and only if business develops, we will charge additionally.


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