Romania as alternative for Ukraine sales and production

Many companies are facing difficulties in their business with the economy of Ukraine being disrupted by war. They may have suppliers there or the Ukraine was an important sales market for them.

Even if peace will be restored quickly a lot of damage has been done to the country. The question then is what would be a an alternative for either producing in, sourcing from or selling to the Ukraine.

Romania may be a good alternative. It is more or less half in inhabitants compared to the Ukraine, but has a four times higher GDP per capita and a well educated population. Romania is part of the European Union, and although the country has the Leu in stead of the Euro as their currency, this makes setting up business easier.

Making strategic changes is never pleasant, especially not when being forced by a war. But if you need an alternative being developed fast, then we have the right business developers in Romania who can help you get started quickly.

Help me successfully enter the Romanian market!
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