Export channel development and international market development

Starting in a new market is a challenge, even if your company already has extensive export experience. Alliance experts is active in over 30 countries with local export developers, who know the market, know the culture and speak the language. They support you and your export team in entering a new market with strategic insights, the right contacts and hands-on support.

We find you the right agent or distributor

Agents, distributors, dealers or franchisees are essential to get exposure in the market. We will not only find them, but also make sure they will sell for you. If you don’t have that much experience in the new country, we will typically do the following:

  1. We verify your chances in the market, looking at market size estimations, your main competition and the most important distribution channels that you can use, and report to you on this.
  2. Together with you we decide on the right approach and on the distribution channels that you want to focus on. We describe your preferred type of channel partner and how you want to work with them.
  3. We make a long-list with potential partners or clients. We approach these companies to see whether they are interested in working with you. We report on all contacts and responses.
  4. In general this leads to two or three suitable and interested companies. We will set up a first calls or meeting between you and these companies. You can take it from there, or we can assist you further.
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An integrated market entry strategy

Whether you already have a well-defined international distribution strategy, or your plans are more intuitive, we are there to validate it for the markets where we are active. Where it comes to general acceptance of your product, regulations, the right positioning between competitors or channel choices, use our local knowledge to enter the market faster and with less risk. Read more…

More cost-efficient than hiring your own staff

You can see us as the temporary and part-time extension of your team. Hiring us gives the following benefits:

  • We are short-term available and productive from day 1.
  • No need to set up an office abroad and hire somebody full time.
  • No search agency fees and training costs.

In the first months we always work on a fixed price basis, with clear deliverables. A partner search may range from € 7,000 to € 20,000 based on the country and what you want to sell there. There is always a payment term at the project start, to ensure your commitment and ours. After that, we can work as your agent or local representative (partly) on a commission basis.

We would be happy to provide you with a detailed proposal. Just contact one of our team members, or use the button below and let us contact you!

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