How to find a good business partner in Ghana?

How to find a good business partner in Ghana?

Ghana distributor agent

Ghana, an accessible market in Western Africa

Ghana is one of the more developed markets in Western Africa. There are many opportunities here for business, especially in the capital Accra.

Alliance experts can find your business partners within 6 to 8 weeks

Alliance experts helps companies with entering new markets profitably. Our people are based in Accra will help you with the first steps into this market.

We have a clear and structured approach to find the best partner

We first want to know what kind of partner you are looking for. Based on your information, we make a long-list of 15-20 potential partners that fit your description. After your approval we find the right decision maker, approach him or her personally and share your business profile with them. This mostly leads to 3-5 companies who are suitable as your partner and interested in working with you. Once we have found these companies, we plan your meetings and accompany you during the first visits.


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