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Sourcing in Turkey and eastern Europe for a Korean automotive company

Alliance experts brought together the suppliers that the Korean automotive company will work with for the newly established assembly facility in Romania. This article was written according to the impression obtained from the process of finding suitable suppliers in the automotive supplier industry in 2018.

Assembly plant established in Romania

Kamtec is one of the companies of the Seohan Group from South Korea, with an annual turnover of 3 billion USD. For Kamtec, Korean consultancy company Pizen hired Alliance experts to reach the suppliers with which Kamtec will work for the assembly plant established in Romania.

Suppliers found

Kamtec is a supplier of parts for the reduction of harmful exhaust gases and high efficiency engine control technologies for diesel engines. They will work with Turkish and eastern European automotive suppliers, who do plastic injection, machining, aluminum die casting and sintering; for turbochargers, intake manifolds, EGR valve, etc.


For this project, 54 Turkish companies were contacted and we checked the compliance of Kamtec with the supplier requirements. We found 20 companies, who are suitable to produce these parts in technological and machine park terms, and willing to enter into a long-term cooperation.

Eastern Europe

We found 27 supplier candidates for Czechia and Slovakia, 21 for Hungary, 11 for Poland and 16 for Romania.

Supplier form

Alliance experts reported to Kamtec with the “supplier information form” containing the following information and company presentations for the companies deemed suitable as a result of the negotiations with the candidate companies.

  • Company Website
  • Location (city and country)
  • Establishment (year)
  • Employees (persons)
  • Sales turnover (2017)
  • Main customers (within automotive and outside automotive)
  • Main products (within automotive and outside automotive)
  • Export ratio (%)
  • Automotive products ratio (%)
  • Production facility
  • Inspection and test facility
  • Certification (IATF16949)
  • Tool design and fabrication
  • Heat treatment and plating
  • Basic requirements:
    (1) Auto part suppliers, min. over 30%
    (2) Tier 2
    (3) TS16949 (under audit IATF16949)
    (4) High quality AL diecasting technology with machinning process
    (5) Good experience in producing Brake, roof rail, steering, parts for car seats, gear shift, gas and pneumatic
    (6) Machine capacity: 80~160 ton
    (7) Electroplating, powder and spray coating, assembly
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