International company representation and interim export management

International company representation and interim export management


Suppose you want to do business in a new territory, but it is too early to post an employee there. Or you need an export manager or local director for a new region. Alliance experts can serve as your export management company, for one specific country, or for the whole world.

Your local country manager: part-time or interim

We help you develop the market as one of your own export managers would do. Only we are based in the region that you want us to manage, and we can even do it part-time. We help you to optimise your distribution:

  • We do local market research and develop a lead stream
  • We look for new agents and distributors, and make sure they start selling
  • We manage a group of agents or distributors and help the optimise their sales
  • We do trouble shooting and conflict management
  • We do audits and product trainings on your request


Representing your company: step by step

1. Local Presence

We can arrange a local office address for you, and a local phone number that is being answered by one of our local staff, in the local language. This way you can lower the barrier for customers for example in France, China or Thailand to contact you. We will be able to handle the first questions, respond on leads and make sure that you don't loose any prospect. You can advertise the address and phone number on your website, highlighting your international local presence.

2. Local marketing

We can translate parts of your website in the local language, so you can put them on your site, or we set up a new website for you with the right country extension. We will advise you how to get the best conversion out of your website and how to rank better in search engines. With this preparation work done, we can organise tailored and precise local advertising for you, either through Google or LinkedIn. This way you can generate leads and get experience and reference cases in the market.

3. Local sales

With our local teams we can act as your sales and either follow-up on incoming leads, or go to fairs and events to generate new leads. We will always report on the time we spent, who we met and what the outcomes are, so that you can take over a specific lead or prospect whenever you want. Please note that we only for a small part work on a commission basis. You will pay us for the time spent on calls and visits. But still this can be a cheaper solution than hiring your own staff, especially in the beginning.

Flexibility is key!

You can hire our people just for one day per month, one day per week, or temporarily full time when needed. As we know the culture and the people, and we are already there, we can be much more effective than somebody traveling from abroad. Are people are experienced business development managers, who can get started quickly.

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