Our reference projects around the world

Alliance experts specialists have done hundreds of projects around the world, in various industries. Please see below a selection of what we did.


Industry Plastics injection molding, packaging for cosmetics
Company description Plastinovo, a manufacturer of quality plastics from Colombia, produces high quality plastics for cosmetics packaging and medical usages
Project description Distributor search in the US (see description)
Industry IT Technology
Company description Fortune-100 US company, seeking growth through technological innovation
Project description Management training and guidance on IT Best Practices, implementation of processes and applications
Industry Government
Company description National government
Project description Engaging, organizing and advising delegation from Eastern European country on business development and International expansion for entry into the US market
Industry Nanotechnology
Company description Public-private partnership
Project description Organized international conference on the use of nanotechnology in the food and agricultural sector.


Industry Medical Equipment
Company description Industry Association
Project description International Strategic Planning, including: diagnosis of the strengths and weakness of Brazilian medical segments to compete in the international market; definition of short and long term objectives in terms of international market; definition of strategies, markets and activities related to international markets
Industry Medical Equipment
Company description Brazilian and German equipment providers
Project description Evaluation of Market Potential in Brazil and best entry strategies
Industry Pharmaceutical
Company description Exports organisation
Project description Mapping of Brazilian Companies in Brazil from Pharmaceutical Sector in Brazil with Potential to Invest in Switzerland
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Industry FMCG, non-food, oral care
Company description MolarClean, producer of electrical tooth brushes and replaceable heads from the UK
Project description Distributor search in the Netherlands (see description)
Industry Engineering & Consultancy
Company description Consultancy on water flow management
Project description Export and business plan strategy (see description)
Industry Government
Company description Dutch province
Project description Organising a one-week trade mission for Chinese companies to The Netherlands and Germany
Industry Telecommunications
Company description Underground infrastructure contractor
Project description Being the CTO of an international telecom infrastructure project
Industry Horticultural production of garden and domestic plants
Company description Greenhouse company growing perennials and pot plants for outdoor planting. Size of the company 5,000 m2 indoor and 13,000 m2 outdoor.
Project description Development of business plan including growing plan and marketing. Developing co-operation between parties to enter the international markets


Industry Car Rental
Company description International car rental company
Project description Developing customised rental reports, to allow clients to steer their worldwide rental behaviour more economically.
Industry Logistics
Company description International logistics provider
Project description Developing country markets from scratch in Skandinavia, Eastern and Southern Europe.
Industry Rental of powered access equipment
Company description Equipment provider
Project description Restructuring the German sales, marketing and operations as Managing Director.


Industry FMCG, diary and juices
Company description FMCG producers
Project description Managing post merger integration of 3rd largest juice producer with 3rd largest diary group in Poland
Industry FMCG, Cosmetics
Company description Branded cosmetic producer
Project description Business development and export partners selection
Industry Meat processing
Company description International company with processing plants in Poland and Ukraine
Project description Disinvestment of Ukraine unit
Industry Engineering
Company description Logistics consortium
Project description Multimodal Terminal as an interface between rail, road and a future container terminal
Industry IT
Company description ERP-software developer
Project description Business intelligence, market research, partner search
Industry International Cooperation
Company description Intergovernmental Organization
Project description Implementation of regional development strategies


Industry Insurance
Company description Spanish subsidiary of a French insurance broker
Project description Designed and implemented a new sales organisation for the 80+ employees of the Spanish subsidiary. Adapted the French corporate project teamwork organisation to local cultural differences. Developed an in-house CRM system on MS Access including a customer database, sales predictions and sales reporting.
Industry B2B cross-border e-commerce for construction industry
Company description Self-owned consulting and trading company
Project description Created the Sparecash brand and business to sell imported spare parts for construction vehicles to professionals. Negotiated sales conditions with manufacturers and wholesale distributors from different countries (Italy, Korea, UK, China). Set up an e-commerce website in France.
Industry Funeral industry
Company description Tributes Ltd: designer, manufacturer and distributor of funeral urns and commemorative objects
Project description Implemented strategy for a 2-step market entry in France: in 2012 for pet funeral products, in 2015 for human funeral products. Conducted market research and distributor search. Assisted the company in local negotiations, local product adaptation and distributor relation management. Implemented local fulfilment solutions: warehousing, logistics, shipping and returns management. Managed customer relation and sales for minor accounts.


Industry European Retail – Supply chain Food and Beverage
Company description Wholesale and retail company
Project description Develop joint supply chain programmes from shared sources among European retailers
Industry International Textile production – Fair Trade
Company description Fair Trade Company – Head of a Cooperatives Consortium
Project description Development Projects Textile Chain with Fair Trade India and Nepal producers from cotton to sustainable fashion development.
Industry International Food production – Fair Trade
Company description Fair Trade Company – Head of a Cooperatives Consortium
Project description Build a high quality Sugar Cane Factory for a cooperative of about 1500 farmers in Paraguay. Production exported to Italy (distributed in Europe), USA and South Corea.
Industry Retail Wholesale Brands Exports
Company description Wholesale and retail company
Project description Develop and distribute abroad the Typical Italian Premium Food Private Label selection products from several little and medium qualified Italian producers .
Industry Panels for interior design and furnishings
Company description Chipboard & laminate manufacturer, 450 employees, 4 factories
Project description Export in US, EU, North Africa, Middle & Far East countries.
Industry Brokerage & Retail Consultancy
Company description MNC with $10B of sales and 39,000 employees worldwide
Project description FMCG import / export and Italy business plan strategy
Industry Solutions for the energy efficiency of buildings
Company description Windows & Solar Screens manufacturer
Project description EU contract projects (Rimini Fair, Turin Lingotto, Manchester M&S, Berlin Triangel, Monaco Fontveille)


Industry Automotive
Company description Kamtec, automotive parts producer from South Korea with 3 billion USD turnover per year
Project description Finding skilled spare parts suppliers in Turkey and Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and Slovakia).
Industry Decoration, lightning
Company description Nia Calvo designs, produces and sells of gourd lamps in the USA.
Project description Supplier search in Turkey (see description)
Industry Manufacturing
Company description Producer of foils for stationary, decoration and medical
Project description Distributor search in Turkey
Industry Automotive
Company description Well-known American automotive brand
Project description Finding additional dealers in Turkey
Sector Food
Company description HCP, producer of sweeteners from England
Project description Search for a distributor / agent in Turkey .
Sector Plastics
Company description RR Engineers, producer of plastics (& moulds) from India
Project description We started with a market quick scan for Turkey (ongoing).
Sector Food
Company description Innovative entrepreneur from Denmark
Project description Started with just an idea for a product. This ongoing project included so far country selection, producer selection, creating a MVP (minimal viable product), and collecting market responses. During the project the product is developing into a wider concept.
Sector Furniture
Company description Altınbölme, Turkish producer of flexible separation walls
Project description The project started with an inquiry from Palestine for the purchase of separation walls from Turkey. We helped to connect with the best producer in Turkey.
Sector PVC films
Company description Draka, a producer of PVC films from the Netherlands
Project description Searching distributors in Turkey for the stationery market in particular.
Sector Food
Company description iProSport, a producer of sport drinks from England
Project description Searching distributors in Turkey.
Sector Automotive
Company description Harley-Davidson, motorcycle company from USA
Project description Searching of dealer candidates in the cities of Turkey
Sector Jewellery
Company description Trollbeads, jewellery brand from Denmark
Project description Searching for partners in Turkey, who are willing to work with the concept of Trollbeads, combining retail in shops with online sales.


Industry Telecommunications
Company description Business Process Outsourcing Center
Project description Business development and implementation of Business Process Outsourcing Contact Center Infrastructure
Industry Agro Industry
Company description Retailer and wholesaler search and partnerships
Project description Export, distribution and business development strategy
Industry Technology
Company description Software Solution development
Project description Building Smarter cities.


Industry Food Packaging
Company description Distribution of small packaging machinery & materials
Project description Identifying opportunity areas & product alignment
Industry Dairy Sector
Company description Dairy Consultancy Services and Livestock trade
Project description Identifying right organisations to help farmers access high pedigree heifers and arranging credit facility from a Dutch financial institution via a Kenyan micro finance institution.
Industry Construction & Engineering
Company description Engineering & Construction of Commercial Premises
Project description Selection of suitable architectural & engineering companies for cooperation in large projects.


Industry Transport Infrastructure
Company description Fast growing ITES firm in USA
Project description India entry, incorporation, office establishment, staff recruitment & fiduciary services.
Industry Personal Safety
Company description An innovative personal safety device manufacturing company based in NSW, Australia
Project description India market entry, tie-up with large corporate houses for providing security to top management, potential partner introduction.
Industry Pipeline infrastructure
Company description A leading Australian company with nation wise presence
Project description Technology introduction in the trenchless industry, partner(s) due diligence, stakeholder management.


Industry Feedstock
Company description Large family-owned European Feedstock provide
Project description Extensive quantitative and qualitative market research on opportunities in the Iran feedstock sector
Industry Government
Company description EECP: represented by the Indian Embassy in Tehran
Project description Organising business matchmaking for 64 Indian companies with over 400 Iranian companies (see description)
Industry Manufacturing
Company description Large French producer of stainless steel fittings
Project description At first market research, in the next stage organising a fully prepared business trip with individual matchmaking
Industry Management consulting
Company description Consulting on export strategy and market entry
Project description Organizing B2B meetings and Market research and partner search and selection
Industry Energy and water management
Company description Water resource management and power plants
Project description Consulting on their organizational development, restructuring and human resource management
Industry Health and skin care products
Company description Producer of health products
Project description Consulting in entering Iran market successfully.


Industry Government
Company description Dutch government and royal family
Project description Matchmaking for more than 10 companies in the business mission to China headed by the Dutch King in 2015
Industry Environment Protection Technologies
Company description A regional federation of environment technology in China
Project description Organizing Chinese companies involved in environmental technologies to import advanced technologies and equipment from Europe
Industry International Trade
Company description A regional chamber of commerce
Project description Advising and supporting local trading companies to increase import and export business in various merchandise
Industry Food Services Franchising
Company description International Café chain
Project description Building franchising solution across China
Industry ERP, CRM, ITIL, Large IT systems implementation
Company description Large global MNC
Project description Large scale global Project implementation
Industry Smart City, Smart Grid, Smart building
Company description Global Smart City, Network Gear, IT Hardware company
Project description Solution building, business development


Industry Chemicals
Company description Environmental solutions provider (engineering and construction company)
Project description Agent search in Thailand (see description)
Industry Electronics
Company description Webcam provider with products branded under license
Project description Retailer search in France and Italy
Industry Food Products Import
Company description Import / Branding / Distribution Company
Project description Importing food products from all around the world into China, focus on EU, ANZ, Southeast Asia
Industry eCommerce, online marketing
Company description Import / Branding / Distribution Company
Project description Online marketing and building ecommerce channels for company
Industry E-commerce
Company description Business association
Project description Trade mission to China visiting various e-commerce companies
Industry Food
Company description Business association
Project description Trade mission to Germany, visiting various innovative food production companies
Industry Publishing
Company description Publishing company with an e-magazine and app
Project description Market research in the Malaysian and Indonesian market
Industry Food
Company description Sauce producer from Malaysia
Project description Market entry and distributor search in the Singapore market


Industry Automotive Components
Company description Tier Supplier to Automotive OEM
Project description Powertrain System Optimization
Industry Food
Company description Import/ Export Trader
Project description Support new business line entry into Japan


Industry Environmental Technology
Company description Leak Detection for enclosed vessels
Project description Export and New Market Entry
Industry Facilities Management
Company description Maintenance
Project description Export and New Market Entry
Industry Downstream Oil
Company description Major oil company
Project description Joint Ventures (various)

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