Thank you for doing the test

Thank you for doing the test


Thank you for completing the Ready2Expand test!

In a few moments you will receive an email with your individual test results. This will include a link to a full benchmark report, in order to compare your own results. You can also download this report here.

If you have any question, please let us know through [email protected].

Do you want to improve your export readiness?

Our experienced business development specialists are the ones to guide you through all the steps to get sales in a new country. We want to make sure your market entry is successful, which means for us that revenue is coming in and you can expect a profit. For this we use a five-step approach.

Steps in the market entry process for your exports

1. Strategy

The first step for entering a new country is always to review your choice for a specific market and do our business case check for the market you want to target. Only with a positive business case and a relatively short pay-back time it makes sense to enter the market. We also check whether your company has all the resources in place to expand successfully.

2. Market research

We’ll refine the business case with market research, first of all for yourself, but also to better convince local partners of the potential of your offering. We will answer questions such as:

  • What is the local market size and market growth?
  • What are trends in the market?
  • How is the value chain structured? What are the main distribution channels and market segments?
  • What are your competitors and their market position?
  • What is a competitive price for your products and services on the market?
  • What segments of the markets are currently underserved?
  • What would be recommendations for entering the market?

3. Partner selection

We first make a long-list of potential partners that we use to get a short-list of high potentials. After the initial phone contact, we send the right decision makers your company profile, hold in-depth discussions, and conclude whether there is a genuine interest in establishing collaboration with you.

In our report, we provide you with company details and initial responses of interested companies. This gives you an overview of the partners, assuring your first meetings are efficient from the start. We then assist in arranging your (overseas) trips with assistance of our local partners, which can significantly cut travel costs, and accompany you to the first meeting.

4. Plan & agree

After you have selected your local business partner, it is important to get to a joint market entry plan. Who will invest the most, and how do you share the costs and the returns? How do you deal with risks, and how to register a joint concept? What about IP licensing, ownership and control?

Alliance experts has extensive experience with such negotiations and with negotiation skills for situations with cultural differences. With our local experience we know whether a slight nod means 'yes' or 'no'. With our input a local lawyer can get to a balanced agreement quickly and professionally.

5. Establish presence

Can you leave everything to your local partner, or would it be wise to initiate and stimulate marketing and sales activities yourself? Our specialists are based in the region. They can look after your interests and monitor market opportunities. As soon as things become serious you come over, and we will accompany you to the meetings and will ensure any further agreements are fulfilled.

We can furnish you with a local telephone number, a postal address and set up a local company. The next step would be to actively promote your company, visit trade shows and start building your sales pipeline.

Ask us for an estimate of your investments involved

Going abroad always requires investments, and in many companies these investments are part of a budget cycle. You can look at our pricing structure and examples, and we would also be happy to provide you with an estimate of for the fees for our services.

Contact me for a budget indication for my market entry!