Patrick Nelissen

Patrick Nelissen

Portland Oregon

Patrick Nelissen is a business strategist who partners with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs for cross-border business expansion.

After spending nearly a decade working in sales and marketing for companies in Europe and Asia, Patrick knows what truly drives companies to create and develop new business successfully. Being successful is about how you translate a company’s strategy into successful market (entry) programs and action plans by focusing on the company’s “why” and the needs of your customers.

As an entrepreneur, Patrick advises numerous startups and was Marketing and Business Modelling Mentor for one of the largest co-working spaces in Singapore. He was also considered one of the Top 25 FinTech Influencers in 2017. he doesn’t just want to bring people and companies from A to B. He wants to structure everything around it to reach and surpass goals.

In addition to his extensive sales and marketing experience, Patrick has shown that he successfully established award winning business improvement programs.

Patrick holds an MBA-degree and is living in the US.

You can contact Patrick Nelissen by email or phone: +1 503 688 8281

Patrick Nelissen