Olle Hasslöf

Olle Hasslöf


Olle is a Swedish national living in Malmö, Sweden and holds an MBA from Lund University, School of Economics and Management, ranked top 50 in the world. Olle specialised as an international trade advisor, independently and as a managing consultant for the Swedish Trade Council.

Olle was in management and a co-owner of an industrial entrepreneur driven company, Hedson Technologies, which was expanded into 60 countries and made an IPO on the Swedish stock market. He has experience with both small and large companies and has been living and working in several countries around the globe. Olle has estabilshed over 100 distributors and business partners on five continents.

Olles strength is to combine solid international experience, theoretical knowledge with a sound understanding of individuals and business strategy. His industry experience covers Automotive aftermarket, Renuable energy, ICT, Manufacturing, Creativie industries and Food.

Olle is fluent in Swedish English and Spanish, he communicates well in Danish, Norwegian and partly in Italian. You can contact him through +46 709 262623 or by email: [email protected].