Ismail Yanmaz

Ismail Yanmaz


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Ismail Yanmaz is a Dutch-Turkish entrepreneur having an MBA in International Marketing. He has worked at several Dutch international trading companies in the function of International Business Developer.

With his background and experience he can offer a vaste network and business support services, especially in the Netherlands and in Turkey, but also in various other European countries. Always searching for revolutionary new ways of setting up international trade made him also concentrate on e-business throughout the years.

He is very keen in setting up the right export channels abroad and attaches great value at entrepreneurial spirit and multicultural skills. Largely having experience in international trade and logistics and marketing gives him a strong basis in becoming a solution partner in complex affairs in other countries.

You can contact Ismail Yanmaz by email or by phone: +31 6 4635 2450.