Hans Ulrich Reitzel

Hans Ulrich Reitzel


Hans Ulrich Reitzel is an organizational psychologist with an EMBA specializing in strategic alliances, a native German and an internationalist by heart. He has a wide range of experience in international relations and public private partnerships.

He has been seasoned at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), where he served as Director of a Regional Office, Capacity Building Specialist and Advisor for International Cooperation, promoting business development and helping companies match with opportunities and adjust their business models. In Colombia and Argentina he collaborated with bi-national Chambers of Commerce in the promotion of corporate social responsibility in strategic management.

He is a university-teacher in negotiation (trained at Harvard Law School and in Colombia) as well as in conflict management. He has been active in trade capacity building and holds credentials in diplomacy and international law.

Hans Ulrich speaks German and fluently English, Spanish, French and has basics in Arabic.

You can contact Hans Ulrich Reitzel by email or by phone: +49 176 34132178.