Arnaud d’Halluin

Arnaud d'Halluin


Arnaud d’Halluin is French and currently living in Versailles, near Paris. From 1991 to 1994, Arnaud studied Marketing and Sales Development at ESSEC Business School, from which he graduated with a MS in Management. He was then employed for 8 years in major French BtoB Services companies, working on market research, marketing and sales organisation. Since 2003, Arnaud is an independent consultant in business development and sales organisation, with a wide experience including e-commerce, automotive industry, rental services, retail distribution and communication.

Throughout his personal and professional experience, Arnaud also built a very strong understanding of international and multi-cultural business. He lived, studied and worked in several countries -Singapore, Germany, Spain- and speaks four languages: French, English, German and Spanish. Arnaud will not only bring you strong expertise in market research, business strategy and sales organization, but also efficient and creative solutions to develop your business in France successfully.

You can contact Arnaud d’Halluin by email or by phone: +33 666 32 59 59.