Alfred Griffioen – author, speaker & collaboration specialist

Alfred Griffioen has a background as a strategic marketer and business development manager. After a period as manager at a strategy consultant he founded Alliance experts, together with Hendrik de Ruiter. He has expanded the partner network of Alliance experts worldwide and is responsible for the complete portfolio of services to get your company started in a new country. He is also internationally active as expert on cooperatives.

Alfred is the author of several books on strategic management, including his latest book Creating Profit Through Alliances, and a renowned lecturer. He has a strong focus on the financial aspects of international business and sees collaboration with local partners as an important way to reduce risks and to increase profits.

He advises companies around the world on how to grow their business internationally through partnerships. In his advice Alfred is straightforward, honest and creative.

You can contact Alfred Griffioen by email or by phone: +31 6 2477 6865.