Online export through e-commerce

Online export through e-commerce

Online export through ecommerce

If you product is suitable for it, you can make use of online sales platforms like Amazon, e-bay, Alibaba or Lazada. If you sell software-as-a-service or specific content, you can sell from your own website and promote your service through other sites.

The key to selling online is localisation, which means:

  • having the right products, that are in demand locally
  • being on the right platforms, in the local language
  • doing enough promotion, on local (social) media
  • optimising your process for delivery and returns

Let the experts be your guide

Alliance experts can help you with all four aspects. We advise you, take care of translations, connect you with the right service providers and we can manage you business locally.

Online sales is more than Facebook adds or putting your products on ebay. It is a process of attracting attention, converting this to your sales platform, prompt delivery and good aftersales, in order to get recommendations and advocating customers.

Our services are flexible and need-based

Whether it is setting up your local e-shop, managing your fulfilment partner, answering questions from customers or doing influencer marketing, our services are flexible and based on your needs. We charge a limited monthly retainer and only bill you for the actual effort we made.

For non-English speaking countries like France, Turkey and China we are developing complete fixed-price packages to give clarity and to help you make your business case.

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