How to find & manage international distributors and overseas sales agents?

How to find international distributors and overseas sales agents?
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How do you find agents or distributor in other parts of the world? And can you convince them to promote your products or services? They have access to the customer and will only give shelf space or attention to your offering if it sells better than something else.

Alliance experts helps you to find and convince the right local partners

Worldmap Alliance expertsAlliance experts is specialised in selecting the right agent or distributor for your exports. We are active in over 30 countries around the world. We live there, work there, know the culture and speak the language. And we think from the perspective of the local distributor.

Just searching for a distributor is not enough

Potential agents or distributors will ask you how you want to approach the market, and what support you will offer them. If you product is not yet certified for the market, has poor packaging or no clear marketing, they will not work for you.


We list potential distributors or agents and check their interest

Based your strategy for your market entry, we draft a partnering profile, describing your company and the type of partner that you are looking for.

In parallel, we list a broad range of potential distributors or agents. We discuss this long-list with you, to see what type of companies you want to focus on.

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We then approach the companies with your profile in hand. We call them in the local language, get through to the right decision maker, send your profile and follow-up to see whether he or she is interested in an appointment. In our calls we also check whether the company really fits your needs. This results in a short-list of mostly three to five companies.

We visit the companies with you and support in negotiations

Once we have the short-list of companies, we try to arrange meetings for you shortly after one another, so that you can come over and spend your time efficiently. We prepare these meetings with you, so that you can present yourself in the best possible way.

Especially in countries where you have a significant cultural differences with, visiting your prospective partner is extremely important. You can do conference call in a later stage, but during negotiations you certainly have to be there.

We come with you, guide you around, provide translations where necessary and evaluate the meetings with you. This way you can make the right decisions.

We offer you a complete package, tailored to your situation

Alliance experts has experienced business development specialists all around the world. Our people know the market and can give you a head start. Furthermore, we will help you to avoid common mistakes and legal problems.

Our fees for an agent or distributor search differ per country, see the table below.

Payment is partly in advance and partly after delivery. For prices for other countries please contact your nearest specialist. The prices mentioned for the distributor search should give you an indication in case the following is all true:

  • You are an established company and already sell the product or service in your home market with substantial volumes.
  • Your product or service is unique in what it does. Having 'a good quality for a reasonable price' is mostly not sufficient.
  • If you are not the manufacturer yourself, you have the exclusive rights for the countries that you are aiming at.
  • If the differentiation mainly depends on your brand (e.g. with cosmetics), you have a clear brand philosophy and your company makes considerable investments in branding. If you expect your distributor to do most of the advertising, you will have a hard time finding one.

In other cases it may take more time and effort to find the right business partner, and our fees may be higher.

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Is your company ready to be represented abroad?

Please note that in order to do an effective partner search for you, preparations are needed:

  • Your company has a website in English, and preferably the language of the target country.
  • Presentation materials, product descriptions etc. are available in English, and preferably the language of the target country.
  • You have a draft in English for the distribution or agency agreement, and you have a good idea of what would be realistic fees and percentages.
  • Delivery conditions and international logistics are clear and described.
  • There is an outline for a marketing plan, specifying the proposed way of promoting the products or services in the target country.
  • Once we have found three to five suitable distributors or agents, you can come over within a few weeks to have the meetings that we arrange for you.

The better you are prepared and the more attractive you make it to work with your company, the more choice you will have for an agent or distributor. The most wanted distributors or agents will be selective who to work with and will ask you about your marketing plans, branding efforts and your sales support.

Alliance experts can help you all around the world

Alliance experts can do your agent or distributor search in the USA, Brazil, Colombia, the United KingdomGermanyFranceItaly, Spain, Portugalthe NetherlandsPoland, Russia, KazakhstanGreeceTurkey, the Middle East, with countries like Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi), Egypt or OmanIran, KenyaGhana or other countries in Africa, IndiaChinaJapanThailandMalaysia, SingaporeIndonesia and Australia. For other countries, please ask one of our specialists.