If you want to offer us your services

If you want to offer us your services

If you think that we may have interest in your products or services, please read the following, in order to use your and our time the most effective way. 

One point of contact

For all purchasing decisions there is one point of contact: Mr. Alfred Griffioen. You can best approach him by email through [email protected]. Please send him a personal email (otherwise our spam filter may bother you) with a clear description of your offering. As he is traveling a lot, phone calls are not the best option. 

Please don't send our your emails to our full team. They will refer you to Alfred Griffioen and we may even get annoyed.

Our marketing philosophy

We don't believe in appointment setting or other forms of outbound marketing. Not every company is ready to enter a new country and needs help for that. Offers for outbound services will be rejected. We strongly believe in inbound marketing, so we invest a lot in our website and Search Engine Optimisation and smart follow-up. If you have innovative ideas, we welcome these. We don't do Adwords campaigns. 

We also don't invest in advertisements, advertorials or sponsored publications. If you want us to contribute with our content, we would be happy to do so, but we won't pay for it. If you want us to participate in trade shows or events, we only do this on dedicated export events and small scale. 

Market research and translations

We keep a database of sources for market research and translations, and comparable services. The volume of what we outsource is limited, but you can send an email to share your details.

Travel and stay

Our purchasing decisions for travel and stay are decentralised and we are not going to change that. Since we are present in over 20 countries, our specialists do not need to travel that much. We mainly take an opportunistic approach and compare rates on the internet, since we all have our specific travel habits.

Staff and interns

We have chosen to work with entrepreneurs, so we don't offer regular jobs. Interns we only use if they can support a project for one of our clients, mainly in terms of market research. So you might be lucky...