Jetlag during business travel: 5 tips to recover faster

Jetlag during business travel: 5 tips to recover faster

Tips to overcome jetlag during your business travels

What is jetlag?

A disruption in the body’s clock causes Jet Lag. This disruption usually occurs when we negate nature’s day and night pattern. To put it more simply, when we go against the basic rule of sleeping at night and staying up in the day and instead do just the opposite of it, we experience a jetlag.

Often when people travel across countries to different time zones, they begin their journey in one time zone and end it in another. This period of adjustment that the body requires to get used to a new time zone is when a jet lag is felt.

Symptoms of jetlag

Common symptoms of jetlag are nausea, confusion, a heavy head and the feeling of being spaced out, fatigued, confused or less aware.

If you are on a pleasure trip you can afford to lie low while you recover from the jet lag however, if you are hit by jet lag on one of your business travels and haven’t much scope to adjust to a new time zone, these tips will help you cope with it:

1. Try ‘light exposure control’

Minimizing your exposure to light is an effective way to beat the jet lag and make the transition to the new time zone smoother. Seek out and avoid light at the right times of the day. That means, when traveling to the east you need to advance your body clock and when traveling west you have to delay it. If you don’t succeed in implementing this on your own, try an app called ‘Entrain’ which is specifically meant for you to manipulate your light exposure.

2. Opt for a Melatonin supplement

It is the secretion of melatonin that induces sleep. In order to adjust faster to the new time zone you could take melatonin as a medicine. Available conveniently, melatonin needs a doctor’s prescription and is a very potent sleep inducer. It can come to your rescue when dealing with sleep disorders arising out of erratic schedules.

3. Do not switch to the new zone time

If it’s a very short trip of no more than 2-3 days, why bother fighting the jet lag at all! Try to stick to the timezone of your home country. Two–three days is too short a span of time to make adjustments. You may as well go with your usual routine if the working hours are flexible.

4. Modify your schedule before you leave

Know that it’s more difficult to for your body clock to make an adjustment when traveling east – to – west than when traveling west- to- east. In the former case the body clock needs to be delayed, in the latter just the opposite. Advancing the body clock is way easier than delaying it. Being aware of this fact, helps you prepare in advance so you can change your eating schedule to fit the new time zone.

5. Listen to your body

The best way to deal with any foreseeable health set-back is of course to listen to your body, and prepare before hand like getting adequate sleep when you can. It also helps to eat light while travelling.

At the same time, take the assistance of a local contact person to free you from additional stress during your jet lag phase to keep yourself well and prevent ruining your marketing strategy towards the success of your business deals.

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