Main trends in the serious gaming industry

Serious games industry: international trends and market opportunities

When you hear the word ‘games’, popular game brands come into mind. But here, we will focus on the serious games, which are used for simulations, learning or conveying a message.

Growth in the Serious Games Industry

The executive director of Serious Games Association, Sue Bohle recently announced that the market of serious gaming has increased from $2-billion to $10 billion in what has appeared to be a sure but steady pace. Simulations intended for education and training are on the rise as revealed by Ambient Insight Research and Interpret.  

In the Research Field

Ambient Insight report shows that mobile education games are outselling non-mobile games whether it be PC, web or console. From 2011 to 2016, China remained to be the to buying country in this industry. Furthermore, a spike of 29.1 percent in Latin America sales rate is conspicuous followed by Eastern Europe and Africa.

In the Industry

The serious games industry have grown over the years as well and only shows a promising growth even more in the near future. This is largely due to the lessening stigma of gaming in society as learning outcomes brandish a new light thanks to games-based learning methodology where students are seen to respond positively according to a research conducted by Interpret.

Aspects Employed in Serious Games

The following are the characteristics that define a serious game:

  • The presence of either physical, physiological, or mental activity exerted by players.
  • The use of the right sensual modalities such as ocular, auricular, and tactile.
  • The existence of several ways players can experience or play the game
  • The appropriate environment in which the players interact with the game.
  • The correct application area of the game.

Areas of Application of Serious Games

Specific fields of development of serious gaming:

  • Education and Training

    Games can be used to further the learning process of players. The young population today spends countless hours glued to video games and this presents an opportunity in education and training. In New York City, Quest to Learn is a middle school program that is based solely on a game-based learning method where students are allowed to learn by playing and designing games.

  • Well-being/Therapy

    There are serious games as well which allow the user to be physically active and averting a sedentary lifestyle. For instance, a mobile game called Heartlands lets players ambulate in a space of their choice while tethered to a wearable heart-rate monitor which is automatically recorded through a pocket PC with GPS programmed with the the mobile game.  

  • Advertisement

    In order to promote a brand, product, or service, serious games can be used to advertise these as seen in soda giants like Pepsi and 7up.

  • Cultural Heritage

    Real-time and interactive scenarios are now possible through the serious gaming industry and provide information and education to the user. Commercial cultural heritage games include the likes of Arxel Tribe’s Pilgrim Faith as a Weapon.

  • Interpersonal Communication

    In an effort to improve interpersonal communication highlighting its importance, serious games have made it possible for players to further their skills in communication. The Enhanced Learning Environments with Creative Technologies for Bilateral negotiations is one example of a serious gaming console in the field of interpersonal communication that focuses on comprehension and execution of two-sided conclaves in a cultural environment.

  • Biomedical and Health Care

    The goal for serious games in this sector is to help users monitor their health, detect and treat ailments, learn therapeutic and preventive means, and know the processes involved in rehabilitation. The Home Automated Telemanagement (HAT) system is an ideal example of a serious gaming simulation geared towards healthcare that is intended to help patients with congestive heart failure through a Nintendo Wii console.

The serious gaming industry is growing and it is slowly gaining popularity in the customs of every part in the world. To invest in this sector now will only be an opportunity in several areas that consumers have been seeking for.

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