5 Steps how to make your exports profitable

5 Steps how to make your exports profitable

5 steps how to make your exports profitable

How profitable is your exports?

Are you making money on your exports? Even if you include all expenses such as translations, legal fees, shipping and traveling? And what about finding the right agents or distributors? It is good to see these costs as an investment, but one day your efforts of entering a new market should pay off.

5 steps to improve you profitability

The presentation 5 steps how to make your export profitable helps you put a sound basis under your plans. In 50 slides you will be guided through all necessary steps.

Step 1: Start with a strategy. Which market do you want to enter, what type of offering do you have, what will be your approach?

Step 2: Do market research. What do you need to find out and what is the added value of market research? Which questions to ask?

Step 3: Find local partners. This will give you a distribution network quicker than you can build yourself and helps you overcome cultural differences.

Step 4: Plan your market entry and make agreements. Both you and your partner(s) will have their own interests. How to get to the right incentives for action.

Step 5: Establish your presence. What do you need to invest and how quickly can you expect returns? This will differ per type of offering.

The presentation contains estimates for the costs of market entry, depending on the country and your offering. This will help you to prepare better for your international adventure.

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