Online export marketing through e-commerce in Europe

Online export marketing through e-commerce in Europe

Online export marketing through e-commerce in Europe

With the advent of the Internet, people are buying more online. As market research shows, e-commerce has expanded globally enabling consumers to buy from foreign sites. Also in Europe, e-commerce is getting more cross-border.

5 Basic tips of commerce in Europe

1. Laws and rules

Always be mindful of the local rules and laws that have jurisdiction over distance selling, marketing, and handling personal data.

2. Website adjustments

Always do your research and study the competitors’ sites. Adjustments on the part of the creator need to be done in order to cater to customers and gain their trust and confidence. This includes communicating in their own language.

3. Payment solutions

Find out how your customers want to pay. Different customers mean different means of paying.

4. Deliveries and returns

Find someone who can help you facilitate easy delivery of products and processing of returns.

5. Local adaptations

Make sure to adapt to local culture like in the case of language barrier. Always seek out help to translate languages for your customers and for yourself.


Trends and opportunities

170 billion euros are spent online by consumers all over Europe. 4 out of 5 people in the Nordic region buy goods online and the same goes with consumers in the UK and in Germany. The British even spent the most last year in buying goods online.

In Europe, most of the goods people shop online are clothing, footwear, home electronics, and books but the difference with the consumers mainly lies on how they paid for these goods. Germans pay against an invoice or via PayPal, the British by debit and credit card, and the Poles directly through the bank.

Consumer(s) Consumer Trend(s)
All countries in Europe except the Nordic region, Spain, and Italy Clothing and Footwear
Germany Books
Germany, UK, and France Skin Care Products and Cosmetics
Germany Sport and Leisure Articles

The importance of low prices in Southern and Eastern Europe

Prices are important to the people in Europe as they believe it plays a significant role in the purchase of consumers. If an online store had the lowest price, then it was considered to be a competitive advantage as consumers found it more interesting than other products.

Quick delivery for the majority

E-traders will have consumers flock to them if they are able to offer them a quick way of delivering the products to them. When ordering online, the people in Europe expect it to arrive immediately. Demands for these quick deliveries are increasing and thus making it more an important factor in E-commerce. A major competitive advantage for E-traders they can consider would be free delivery in order to boost their prospects.

When shopping in Europe

Online shoppers in Europe also buy a great deal from other countries within Europe. E-commerce though is gradually expanding globally and in Europe, the Nordic region has the most consumers who opt to buy goods from foreign sites. When buying online, the US has the most European consumers. China also has a big number of consumers from Europe who shop online for their products.

Most bought products per country

Top 8 products bought by UK Consumers online last year

Clothing/Footwear 53%
Books 42%
Home Electronics 38%
Cosmetics 29%
CDs 29%
Films/DVDs 28%
Sport/Leisure 24%
Home Furnishing 22%

Top 8 products bought by nordic consumers online last year

Home Electronics 37%
Clothing/Footwear 35%
Books 33%
Films/DVDs 19%
Cosmetics 14%
CDs 13%
Sport/Leisure 13%
Home Furnishing 12%

Top 8 products bought by french consumers online last year

Clothing/Footwear 42%
Books 32%
Home Electronics 29%
Cosmetics 23%
CDs 19%
Children’s Articles 16%
Films/DVDs 15%
Toys 14%

Top 8 products bought by spanish consumers online last year

Home Electronics 28%
Clothing/Footwear 27%
Books 21%
Cosmetics 15%
Sport/Leisure 14%
Films/DVDs 11%
CDs 11%
Children’s Articles 11%

Top 8 products bought by italian consumers online last year

Home Electronics 22%
Books 20%
Clothing/Footwear 18%
Cosmetics 11%
CDs 10%
Films/DVDs 8%
Car Accessories 8%
Sport/Leisure 8%

Top 8 products bought by benelux consumers online last year

Clothing/Footwear 38%
Home Electronics 28%
Books 23%
Cosmetics 13%
CDs 13%
Films/DVDs 12%
Children’s Articles 11%
Home Furnishing 9%

Top 8 products bought by poland consumers online last year

Clothing/Footwear 38%
Home Electronics 24%
Books 19%
Cosmetics 19%
Car Accessories 18%
Children’s Articles 15%
Sport/Leisure 11%
Home Furnishing 11%
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