Data centers in the Netherlands: business opportunities for vendors

Data centers in the Netherlands: business opportunities for vendors

Business opportunities offered by the data centers in the Netherlands

These days, the economy and the society rely heavily on the virtual world. Business processes and transactions today are carried out through digital means.

The Netherlands is considered as the gateway for other countries in capitalizing on the digital economy. Companies and markets require large-scale computer systems in order to carry out business processes and transactions. In order to sustain these computers, make it more effective and efficient for business, it needs to have data centers – storage units that house the main units of the computer system which control the operability of the network of computers.

Data centers are abundant across the European continent and most especially, in Amsterdam. Market research shows that there are more than 200 data centers across the Netherlands and this has been a huge source of investment for the country. It may not directly affect the economy. However, the data center market is a significant contributor in strengthening the digital Dutch economy and subsequently provides opportunities for the labor force.

Amsterdam among others

Amsterdam has been the leading city in showing growth in the data center market. These are the following factors contributing to Amsterdam’s leading streak against Frankfurt, London, and Paris:

  • Affordability in terms of setting up a business, making a living, and establishing properties.
  • Accessibility for international clients made easier taking note of the major international airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
  • Presence of big and fast Internet Exchange points, not only in Western Europe, but all over the world.

Data centers and business opportunities

Data centers and its growth

There is indeed an abundance of data centers placed across the Netherlands and a research report on the Dutch data center market shows that these data centers cover a total surface area of 460.000 square meters, owing largely to the fact that international data cables conveniently converge in the country.

To further emphasize the abundance of data centers in the Netherlands, the power supply is a good indicator for this economic growth of a sector. Of course, power is greatly needed for these data centers to function effectively, and over the last decade, there has been a growing demand for power to supply these data centers. To harvest more power, this will pose several opportunities in resources of harvesting power.

Data centers and green energy

Data centers require a lot of power, and for power to be supplied to these data centers, a particular amount of energy is needed in order for power to be harvested and utilized. With the amount of data centers across the country, it is safe to assume that energy demand will grow. In light of this assumption, companies, small and large, have made it their goal as a way to keep up with the fast pace of the rate of energy consumption. Therefore supplier of energy efficient solutions and equipment will have an advantage over their competition.

Focusing on energy efficiency, companies are now eyeing green energy to provide power to the data centers in the Netherlands. 80% of companies are now utilizing renewable energy and most of these companies are large-scale companies which sets the standard for other companies, big and small. Data centers which use renewable energy attract more customers specifically during these times where people are more concerned with environmental advocacies.

Data centers and its services

Data centers offer several opportunities and these are called data center services. These services are needed for the operability of these data centers and thus provide potential for all kind of suppliers.

  • 24 x 7 security onsite
  • Backup facilities for disaster recovery procedures
  • Connectivity services
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): cloud-computing system providing resources over the Internet.
  • On site support: all data centers require on site support as evidenced by interviews conducted during the Dutch data center report in 2015.
  • Online backup
  • Online storage
  • Security services: data centers require protection from theft and intentional manipulation of hardware.
  • Services needed for managing data centers
  • Tape handling: managing the software that deals in the usage and retention of backup.
  • Web hosting

Data centers in the Netherlands offer several business opportunities. Information dug up from market research show the impact of these to the Dutch economy. Direct effects will be evident in the employment needed for the set up and growth of these data centers. Revenue will also increase because of these data centers. Data centers in the Netherlands contribute to economic growth; as business opportunities present themselves, there will be job openings and a huge contribution on the overall growth of the economy.

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